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Marc Jacobs Classic Q Lil Ukita – can we love it for less?

I realized as I was ‘researching’ (i.e. online shopping) for this post that I am four months and 53 posts into this blog and this will be my first post about handbags. It might surprise you to learn that as obsessed as I am with clothing and shoes, I am not equally as obsessed with  handbags.  I tend to buy one new bag per season and wear it with everything. I think that’s mainly because I am lazy and don’t like having to transfer all of my junk from bag to bag each day.

But when I do fall in love with a handbag it’s usually something that’s way out of my price range – like Fendi, or Prada or this Marc Jacobs:

Love the gray, love the gold, love the flap.

Now on principle I have no problems with a handbag costing $428, or even $1,428. Just like with boots, you really get what you pay for in terms of materials and craftsmanship when it comes to handbags. And a good, classic handbag can last you for years.

But I do have a problem with me personally paying more than $200 for a handbag because I’m so darn rough on them. Because I carry the same bag everyday, by the time the season is over my bags tend to look like I ran them over with my car.

So with that in mind I set out to find a similar bag for a price that wouldn’t make me cry if I got a big blue ink mark on the side (which ALWAYS seems to happen to me) and here’s what I found…

Tignanello Stitch Saavy Bag – $139

This bag is a no. There’s gray and then there’s pewter. The difference being that one is a beautiful, classy neutral and the other is a gaudy, shiny mess. I’ll let you figure out which one is which.

Revel NY Delancey Flap Bag – $119.99

This bag is much better. The color isn’t quite as gray as I would like it to be, but the overall shape of the bag is much closer to the Marc Jacobs that I love and the price is great. But while I actually quite like the look of the dark leather detailing on the straps I’m worried they make the bag look too casual to carry at work.

Ferre Large Leather Bag – $195

Now the description for the color of this bag says it’s ‘blue’ so there’s no telling what it looks like in person. But online it looks like a really pretty steely blue-gray and that would be fine with me. My only concern here is that the strap is pretty short and I’m afraid this bag would end up living in my armpit.

And finally,

Fossil Modern Cargo Convertible Flap Bag – $158

This one is by far my fave. The color is almost dead-on and it shares the same gold detailing and flap pocket as the Marc Jacobs. Yes this bag is probably too casual to carry with suits to work, but at this price I could afford to buy another bag that is more work-appropriate as well.

Or I could just spend the $428 on one bag that will work for all occasions – as long as I don’t actually run it over with my car.

Decisions, decisions. Help me decide.


Holiday Sequins – how to love them everyday

It’s officially Christmas-time kids!! And I know that because A.) Thanksgiving is over and, B.) this commercial is in heavy rotation:

Best. Commercial. Ever.

And Christmas-time usually comes with Christmas parties – except for me. I have no Christmas parties. But if I did have Christmas parties, I would surely pick something involving sequins to wear to them – the sparklier, the better. (Seriously. I am attracted to all things shiny. I think I might have been a magpie in a previous life.)

But what do you do with all of your sparkly tops when the holidays are over? Sure you can shove them to the back of the closet and leave them there alone and unloved until next year. But I say nay! I say you can make any day a holiday with sequins.

Let’s start with this top:


Paired with black skinny pants, a black velvet blazer, some brightly colored platform pumps and a leopard clutch this top would be tres fab for holiday cocktails with friends or even an office holiday party.

But I think we can all agree this top is far to pretty to be banished to some dark drawer once the merriment has come to an end. So here’s how I would wear this top to work, even after the holiday season has come and gone:

Sequins in the work weekLayer a black turtle under this top, tuck them both into a black pencil skirt, add colored tights, black booties and voila! Instant, work-appropriate chicness.

But lest you think our friends sequins can only be fancy, here’s how you dress them down for the weekend:

Sequins on the weekend

This time layer the top under a warm, nubby cardigan, pair with skinny jeans and riding boots* and you’re set.

*As an aside – is there anything that does NOT look good paired with skinny jeans and riding boots? I really think that old adage about someone being so pretty they would look good in a potato sack might be true if said potato sack was worn over skinny jeans tucked into riding boots.

The lesson here, kids, is not to be intimidated by sequins. Don’t be afraid to buy that sparkly top for your holiday party just because you’re worried you won’t be able to wear it again – it CAN be done!*

*As long as you don’t spill something on it. Which I would do. Which is why I always drink clear drinks at parties. You’re welcome for the handy tip.  🙂

Burberry Drop Waist Wool Coat – can we love it for less?

Kids, I have some big news – I have fallen in love. And I’ve fallen hard. For this coat:

I love you like a fat kid loves cake.

I know, I know – I have a dysfunctional relationship with coats.  But this time I swear it’s the real thing!! (The wrist buckles! The leather waist bow! The houndstooth! So many exclamation points!!!) And if I had $1,900 to spare, this coat and I would be getting married. But I don’t. And so, sadly, my love will have to remain unrequited.

But does that mean I can’t fall in love with another coat ever again? Probably not. And in fact, I’ve found two possible replacements at an unlikely source – Victoria’s Secret. They’re not just for slutty yoga pants and overpriced cotton underwear anymore.

Bachelor Number 1 is the Wool Military Lace-up Coat in Navy:

The shape here is mighty close to the Burberry. And a solid navy blue peacoat is a classic wardrobe staple. But there’s nothing overwhelmingly awesome here except the price – which is $149. (i.e. $1,750 less than the Burberry)

Bachelor Number 2 is the VS Double-breasted Peacoat in Blue Plaid:

Once again, the price here is obviously the major selling point. Unlike actual bachelors, when it comes to blue plaid peacoats, the cheaper the better. And this one is on sale for $99. (i.e. $1,800 less than the Burberry)

I’m not even going to ask if we love the Burberry, because if you don’t love the Burberry, we just can’t be friends anymore. But I will ask you to help me decide if we can love one of these perfectly fine replacements. So kids, what do we think?

Things we love – Black Friday (from the comfort of home)

One of the things I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving weekend (in addition to all of you guys, of course!) is the internet. Because I would rather donate a kidney to a serial killer than go to a mall/store on Black Friday. And thanks to the internet – I don’t have to do either!!

This morning I have already seen news stories about Black Friday shoppers being trampled, maced by police officers, or in one case, SHOT BY A FELLOW SHOPPER who was trying to get to an Xbox. On a more hilarious note  I also watched an interview with a couple who got an admittedly great deal on a giant tv which they then proceeded to try to unsuccessfully cram into their car in the background after the interview was over. Don’t they know they can order that same tv online and some nice man in a truck will bring it directly to their house, usually for free???

So rather than mingling with the masses, I’m enjoying Black Friday from the comfort and safety of my parents’ couch. Here’s what I want so far:

BCBGeneration Chiffon Tie Dress from Piperlime:

$128 minus 20% discount = $102.40

Hunter Wedge Rain Boots from Saks:

Regularly $175, on sale for $122.50

J Crew Cafe Wool Trouser in gray:

$138 minus 25% discount = $103.50

Fossil Rebecca Boots from Endless:

$168 minus 33% discount = $112.56

BCBG Arelia A-Line Coat:

$298 minus 50% discount on outwear = $149

Whew! I am exhausted after all of that Black Friday shopping – how about you? I hope I’m recovered in time for Cyber Monday. I better go take a nap. Happy shopping kids!!

Minnetonka Thunderbird Moccasin – do we love it?

Happy Thanksgiving Eve kids!! And in the spirit of our original, gracious Thanksgiving hosts I present, for your consideration, these moccasins:

I’m sure the Native Americans wore something exactly like this while preparing their horns o’plenty.

Now you can file these right alongside my Uggs as things I never thought I would wear. But while I still think my Uggs are downright hideous to look at, I think these are kind of cute. Especially worn like this:

Minnetonka Thunderbird Moccassin

Pretty sure the Native Americans wore something exactly like this, too.

But what do you think? Are these really cute or am I too festive for my own good?

Fair Isle Sweaters – do we love them?

I don’t like snow. How’s that for a non sequitur? I blame my total inability to come up with a clever way to start this post on the fact that I have already turned my brain off for Thanksgiving. And yes, I still have to work until Wednesday. So if you know what’s good for you, you will not call me for legal advice this week.

But back to the snow. The only time I like snow is when it is falling from the sky. The minute it hits the ground it ruins my life. And so, it should be no surprise that I don’t want snowflakes on my clothes either. But fair isle sweaters are all the rage this winter and now I’m being forced to reevaluate my anti-snowflake stance. Let’s take a look:

Free People Fair Isle Cropped Sweater:

I. Can’t. Even. It’s snowflakes. It’s pastels. It’s cropped. This one is a no.

J Crew Handknit Fair Isle Sweater:

Also no. This one is entirely too literal. If you’re not wearing this while sipping hot chocolate in a ski chalet in the 1980’s this sweater is not for you.

J Crew Dream Crewneck Fair Isle Sweater:

This one is better. I think the unexpected soft aqua color helps to soften the snowflake pattern. And for maybe the first time this season I actually like the styling by J Crew here. Kudos!

Ella Moss Jolene Sweater:

Now this one I actually like. Probably because the pattern is confined to small doses on the sleeves. And also because they’re more like ‘abstract snowflakes’ than actual snowflakes. Okay, okay – they’re diamonds. But this might be a good way for me to warm-up to this trend. (Hehe. Warm-up. Get it?? …… I told you I have holiday brain.)

And finally, the Hive and Honey Fair Isle Open Front Sweater:

This one is totally my fave. And yes, I realize that’s because there’s not a snowflake in sight. But if Hive and Honey can call this a fair isle sweater, so can I.

So what’s the final verdict? I think I can love fair isle details in small doses. But what about you?

PS – one thing we absolutely CANNOT love on our sweaters – reindeer. So girls, if your boyfriend/husband shows up to your family Thanksgiving and/or Christmas wearing this:

Break up with him. Immediately. You’ll thank me later.

Snoods – do we love them?

If you are anything like me your first reaction to reading the title of this post was to giggle at the word snood. Your second reaction was to ask “what the hell is a snood?”

Well according to J Crew, this is a snood:

But according to, a snood is:

1. the distinctive headband formerly worn by young unmarried women in Scotland and northern England.

2. a headband for the hair

3. a netlike hat or part of a hat or fabric that holds or covers the back of a woman’s head.

4. the pendulous skin over the beak of a turkey.

Call me crazy, but this doesn’t look anything like a headband or the pendulous skin over the beak of a turkey. (How’s that for a visual?? Happy Early Thanksgiving kids!!)

What I think we have here is a failure to communicate. This is clearly just a fat, neverending scarf. And they’re popping up at retailers all over the place this winter.

Anthro calls them “loops”:


Old Navy is calling them “infinity scarves”:

Old Navy infinity scarves

And the Gap is apparently going with “cowlneck scarf”

Now while I think we can all agree that ‘”loop”, “infinity scarf” and “cowlneck scarf” are more descriptive terms for what is actually happening here, I’m hoping we can also all agree that those terms aren’t nearly as much fun to say as “snood.”

But is it equally as fun to wear a snood? Or should we all just stick with our good, old-fashioned scarves?