About Me & this blog

I’m Shea. I’m a lawyer and a shopaholic. I tolerate the former so I can afford to be the latter.

Let’s face it – when it comes to fashion, everyone could use a second opinion. And based on some of the clothing I see walking the streets and malls of America, some of us could use one very, VERY badly. (Remember kids, just because it’s for sale in the stores doesn’t mean it’s for you.)

So this is a place where I present a trend, article of clothing, pair of shoes, etc. and we help each other decide – do we love it? (Credit, credit for this idea goes to my friend and co-worker, Emily Lamb, with whom many, many e-mails have been exchanged – never during work hours of course – asking this very question about a myriad of items over the years.)

I’m counting on all of you to provide as many second, third and fourth opinions as you’d like so don’t be shy. Topic #1 = blogging. Do we love it? So far, yes we do.  🙂

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