Burberry Drop Waist Wool Coat – can we love it for less?

Kids, I have some big news – I have fallen in love. And I’ve fallen hard. For this coat:

I love you like a fat kid loves cake.

I know, I know – I have a dysfunctional relationship with coats.  But this time I swear it’s the real thing!! (The wrist buckles! The leather waist bow! The houndstooth! So many exclamation points!!!) And if I had $1,900 to spare, this coat and I would be getting married. But I don’t. And so, sadly, my love will have to remain unrequited.

But does that mean I can’t fall in love with another coat ever again? Probably not. And in fact, I’ve found two possible replacements at an unlikely source – Victoria’s Secret. They’re not just for slutty yoga pants and overpriced cotton underwear anymore.

Bachelor Number 1 is the Wool Military Lace-up Coat in Navy:

The shape here is mighty close to the Burberry. And a solid navy blue peacoat is a classic wardrobe staple. But there’s nothing overwhelmingly awesome here except the price – which is $149. (i.e. $1,750 less than the Burberry)

Bachelor Number 2 is the VS Double-breasted Peacoat in Blue Plaid:

Once again, the price here is obviously the major selling point. Unlike actual bachelors, when it comes to blue plaid peacoats, the cheaper the better. And this one is on sale for $99. (i.e. $1,800 less than the Burberry)

I’m not even going to ask if we love the Burberry, because if you don’t love the Burberry, we just can’t be friends anymore. But I will ask you to help me decide if we can love one of these perfectly fine replacements. So kids, what do we think?

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