J Crew Cafe Capri in Plaid Wool – do we love it?

Do you realize that we are less than two weeks away from Thanksgiving??? The holiday season really snuck up on me this year. I mean, Saturday afternoon a friend was telling me that she thought the truly insane traffic in Green Hills was due to holiday shopping and I told her there was no way that could possibly be true – it’s only mid-November. And then I realized it is MID-NOVEMBER and of course that means holiday traffic is in full effect.

But the holiday traffic and crazed drivers trying to grab the last parking spot are not the most dangerous things about the holiday season. For me, the most dangerous thing about the holidays is the amount of money I end up spending on myself while I am shopping for others. It’s not like I can just leave my wallet in the car when I go into the mall – I am obvs going to need it to pay for gifts.

So along those lines I was doing some online website perusing to at least begin thinking about my holiday shopping this year and came across these pants – for myself:

Are these cute or are they crazy pants? And am I crazy-pants for thinking they might be cute?

Whether or not you like these pants, I think we can all agree that plaid cropped pants provide a unique styling challenge – and we all know how much I love a challenge. So here’s how I envision wearing these pants:

Crazy pants scenario No. 1:J Crew Cafe Capri No. 1

Obviously the easy solution would be to wear these pants with a solid black or white shirt, but that’s just not very fun. So I would add one bold color on top and keep all of the other pieces simple and neutral so as not to compete.

Crazy pants scenario No. 2:

J Crew Cafe Capri No. 2

Now here I’m obviously cheating a little bit by opting for a neutral-colored sweater on top. But the gorge cowl-neckline makes up for it’s simple color and the neutral top is balanced out by the pop of brightly-colored flats on the bottom.

So what do we think kids? Are these pants crazy? Am I crazy for liking them? Can I still like them even if they ARE crazy? Help me decide.

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