David Yurman DY Tag Collection – do we love it?

Oh holidays. Cheesy movie on Lifetime about girl learning the meaning of Christmas by helping secret millionaire (who of course has secret terminal cancer) be secret Santa to the needy + bottle of wine  = There Will Be Tears. So I’m going to distract myself by looking at jewelry.

Namely these new David Yurman necklaces which I came across in the most recent edition of what I think was Marie Claire:David Yurman Malachite Dog Tag Necklace

David Yurman Malachite Dog Tag Necklace – $675

Now this is ostensibly (fancy word of the day!) a dude necklace. But I’m going to confess what I hope is not a controversial general rule and say that I am anti-dude-jewelry of any kind. Except for wedding rings. And then I am anti-men who are anti-wedding rings.

Because when I think men who wear jewelry, I think of this guy:

image credit (although why anyone would want credit for this I do not know)

And fellas, you do not want your girl thinking of this guy when she looks at you. Trust.But is it wrong that I think this necklace might be TOTALLY wrong for dudes, but maybe kind of right for me? We all know how much I love a good pendant.

However, I do know what is NOT right for me and that is the “girly” version of this necklace:

David Yurman Rhodonite Tag Necklace – $975

Blech. This one looks like something that one of those girls on MTV’s Sweet Sixteen show would wear with her age-inappropriate Herve Leger bandage dress to her Marakesh-themed party where she feigns surprise when her parents give her a brand new white BMW 3-series with a big red bow on top. (Okay – rant over.)

But what do we think of the green one?

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One response to “David Yurman DY Tag Collection – do we love it?

  • Caroline

    I like it, but mostly because I like malachite. I wouldn’t pay David Yurman prices for it though. I would look into a cheaper option 🙂

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