Things we love – pendant necklaces

Hello, my name is Shea and I am a pendant necklace-aholic. I say this in the hopes that you might learn from my confession and save yourself the agony I have suffered as a pendant necklace addict over these past many months.

It starts off harmlessly enough. You fall in love with one long, affordable pendant necklace in the Spring, like this one:

You start to spend a lot of time with your pendant necklace and pretty soon the two of you are involved in a passionate affair. But your friends and co-workers are starting to get a little suspicious of all the time you spend with your pink pendant necklace, so you spend a little more money and get another one – with the excuse that this one is more “work appropriate”:

Plus it’s gold so you justify the higher price because it will go with everything. But just a few weeks later you need another fix in the form of this necklace:

You tell yourself it’s okay because it’s black and still affordable so what can one more pendant necklace hurt, right? But pretty soon it’s not enough. Now you’re craving the good stuff like this one:

And this one:

And before you know it your friends and family are having an intervention to convince you that you do not actually need a $798 pendant necklace, like this one:

No matter how beautiful and perfect and wonderful it may be. (Sigh.)

So take it from someone who’s been there. Pendant necklaces are highly intoxicating and should be approached with caution lest you end up an addict like me.

(That being said if anyone has an extra $798 to spend I would really, really REALLY like that necklace!)

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