Bejeweled headbands – do we love them?


In my dreams I am an amazing hairstylist who has hours of time to coerce my long locks into all manner of chic styles and up-dos. In reality, I wear my hair one of four ways: 1. down and straight, 2. down and wavy, 3. down and curly, 4. ponytail. But in my dreams, my hair looks like this:

(Image from here)

I mean – how cute is that??? (And if that girl looks familiar it’s because she’s Elizabeth Olsen, younger sister to these two. So nice to see a member of the Olsen family NOT looking like a homeless vagabond at red carpet events.)

In the past I’ve always found headbands to be a little confounding. Do my bangs get pulled back or stay out? If I wear the traditional style I get a headache from where the points pinch my head, but if I wear the elastic kind I spend all day trying to keep it from popping off like a slingshot.  And most importantly, am I just too darn old to wear a bejeweled headband?

Here are some I spotted perusing the Anthropologie website (I swear I’m not paid to talk about Anthropologie – although maybe I should be) :

Bejeweled headbands

I’m thinking any of these would be a great, fun easy way to dress up a ponytail or add a little sparkle to a simple t-shirt and skirt combo. Now if only I could find a way to keep them from snapping off of my giant head and putting someone’s eye out…

So what do we think?





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