Elizabeth and James Clair sandal – do we love it?

Did any of us predict that this little girl would grow up to be a pair of billionaires who run a very successful fashion empire?

(Image from here)

If so, I could use some help predicting some lottery numbers, the stock market, and the outcome of the 2011 college football season.

One of the fashion labels that has put tons o’money into the tiny hands and giant handbags of the Olsen twins  is Elizabeth and James. This line has some cute, if also mostly out of my price range, pieces. Which is surprising since the Olsens themselves generally look this:

(Photo credit here)

And trust me when I say that is an improvement from years past. (PS – why is that man behind them wearing what appears to be some sort of latex babushka tied around his head??)

But despite all of their sartorial short-comings, I think I really dig this pair of Elizabeth and James sandals:

(From here)

I think these would be a great way to transition from strappy summer sandals into more fall-like shoes – especially because in the South it’s still so warm for most of the Fall that knee-high boots result in dreaded sweaty calves well into October.

But are the colors too primary? Do I only like these because they remind me of those little plastic kindergarten chairs? Am I simply nostalgic for my youth? And if so, would that nostalgia be better served by saving the $295 for these shoes and watching a Full House marathon instead?

So many questions – help me decide.

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One response to “Elizabeth and James Clair sandal – do we love it?

  • Beth

    I like the shoes, but I still feel like tying the girls down and force-feeding them cheeseburgers.
    And maybe washing their faces.

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