BCBG Jerico Striped Dress – do we love it?


*This is me trying to maintain my Christmas cheer by singing loud for all to hear.**

**But luckily for my co-workers I am only singing loudly in my head.

And it must be working because today, on this dreary Monday, I find myself pining for this tropical red and green striped dress:

BCBG Jerico Striped Dress – $238

This dress makes me long to live somewhere in the southern hemisphere – like Australia – where it would be acceptable to wear something like this on Christmas day. And where Santa delivers presents via flying surfboard pulled by kangaroos:

image credit

But I’m thinking I could make this dress work for the holiday season north of the equator as well – like so:

BCBG dress for now

The what: Layer a black turtleneck and tights under this dress for warmth and then add brown leather  knee boots and belt. For extra fun don’t forget the gorge handbag in a contrasting pattern but similar color scheme.

The why: Sticking with black and brown accents here lets the color and pattern of the dress be the stars of the show. Great way to add summertime colors to your wintertime wardrobe.

Now sometime around January 1st, 2012 I will begin to feel as though Winter is a never-ending plague brought upon humanity to punish us for our consumerism-driven sins during the holiday season. But eventually Winter will be over and we’ll be the envy of all southern-hemispherians everywhere. And when that day comes, here is how I would wear this dress in the Spring:

BCBG dress for later

The what: I am obsessed with the idea of a red trench coat for Spring and it’s a great match for this dress. Keep the jewelry and bag simple so as not to compete with the colors in the dress, coat and shoes.

The why: I know the only real question any of you are going to have about this one is why the yellow flats. And to be honest, I don’t really know why. I just love them with this dress. Probably because I HATE the matchy-matchy-ness of the red and purple pumps the designer paired with the dress and I’ve run screaming in the other direction. Whatever the reason, yellow flats = fab.

So what do we think, kids? Do you love this dress as much as I think I do? How are you maintaining your Christmas cheer? Is Santa cooler on a surfboard? Help me decide.

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