ASOS Knitted Dress in Aztec Pattern – do we love it?

Welcome back kids! I hope everyone enjoyed way too much food, family and general merriment over the Christmas break.

And when you can’t fit into your pants for a few weeks as the result of all of that merriment, the sensible decision is to opt for a forgiving knit dress instead – that way you won’t get any of those pesky, judgmental pink marks on your Christmas belly that even stretchy pants can leave behind.

Here’s the most recent knit dress I’ve been mulling over:

ASOS Knitted Dress in Aztec Pattern – $72.72

Why we love it –  You can never go wrong with a good knit dress. And this one isn’t black, which is a nice break from my current winter-dress wardrobe.The tribal-inspired print is totally in season and the simple shape can be dressed up with heels, or dressed down with boots like so:

ASOS Aztec Print Dress

Why we’re hesitant – The horizontal banding of the pattern might make you appear wider than you are. Also, this dress might be the color of baby poop.

Despite the potential for a poop-tacular failure, I think I’m going to give this dress a try.  If the color and pattern of this dress look as good one me as they do in the picture, then I think this could be a versatile and valuable addition to my winter wardrobe.

But what do you think?



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