Macrame Argyle Tunic – do we love it?

For what is most likely to be my last post in 2011 I thought I would bring us something to look forward to in 2012 – Spring. Or at least, Spring fashion. Now ordinarily once Christmas is over I have zero tolerance for Winter and long to just fast-forward straight into March and April. But – knock on wood – so far this Winter has been a mild one* and I haven’t yet fallen into my annual seasonal depression.

*I’ve probably just jinxed us all. Apologies in advance for the three feet of snow we’re about to get.

In fact, this Winter has been so mild that I’m actually longing for it to get a little colder. Not because I like the cold, mind you, but because I bought some amazing Winter pieces that I haven’t gotten to wear yet. Like this awesome sweater:

Blanched and Buckled Cardigan from Anthro

And this gorge tweed skirt:

JCrew No.2 Pencil Skirt in Vintage Tweed

So I guess what I’m saying is Dear Winter, Could you please help a sister out by dipping below 50 degrees in Nashville for just long enough for me to wear my super-cute new outfits? That would be a huge help. Love, Shea

In the meantime I”m going to go ahead and start looking at some fashions made for warmer weather. Like this tunic:

Fiets Voor 2 Macrame Argyle Tunic – $248

In theory, I think this tunic is uh-may-zing. In my dream life I would wear this with white linen pants while I strolled through some Grecian bazaar with my hubs Ryan Gosling. In reality, I think this tunic would probably make my hips look ginormous – a suspicion that is strengthened by the fact that Anthro chose to have the model in this tunic pose in a position that obscures her hips which I’m sure are tiny:

image credit

So for now, given the season, the hip-widening potential, and the price of this tunic, I think I’m going to hold off. Especially since I have plenty of other new items in my closet waiting to be worn.*

*Seriously Winter – just like one or two weeks of cooler temps. That’s all I need.

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