Charlotte Taylor Dromedary Dress – a crime of fashion

The date: Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The place: the “you may also like” sidebar

The crime:

The description: A bright orange dress with pink camels on it. I’m going to say that again, and I’m going to say it in all caps in case you didn’t hear me. That is a  BRIGHT ORANGE DRESS WITH PINK CAMELS ON IT. Let that sink in for a minute.

Now ask yourself, “what kind of girl would wear a bright orange dress with pink camels on it?” Is she the same type of girl would would wear this blazer:

Because based on the fact that Anthropologie put that dress in my “you may also like” selections while I was looking at that blazer, they sure seem to think so.  Well Anthropologie, I DON’T think so.

In fact, when I first looked at the name of that dress I thought it was called the “Doomsday” Dress – which would have been much more fitting because to me, that dress signals the end of the world as we know it.

The lesson: Never blindly trust the recommendations of any retailer and/or salesperson no matter how well you think they may know you. Because as soon as you start to trust them, they recommend a BRIGHT ORANGE DRESS WITH PINK CAMELS ON IT.


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13 responses to “Charlotte Taylor Dromedary Dress – a crime of fashion

  • Charlotte Taylor

    Hi Shea, thank you for your honest post on one of our dresses from the CHARLOTTE by CHARLOTTE TAYLOR collection for Anthropologie. I am sorry that you do not appreciate the irony and quirky, clash factor of the Camel Print dress – I do not think that a collection can ever appeal to everyone and I fear that you will never become a CT customer, much to my disappointment. Good luck with your blog.
    All the best, Charlotte Taylor

    • Julie

      I tried this on in the store and love the cut and color. Very pretty.

    • Shea Brakefield

      Hi Charlotte –

      Congratulations on your collection for Anthropologie! That is truly an amazing accomplishment. As a frequent Anthro customer I look forward to checking out more of your designs in the future. I always make fashion decisions on a case by case basis and would never rule out any one designer based solely on one piece. While this dress is not to my personal taste I know that many other people – including some of my readers – may disagree. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my blog. Best wishes for continued success in the future!! – Shea

  • Julie

    I just bought this dress after trying it on in the store… it’s actually very pretty. The cut and silhouette are quite beautiful and I’m wearing it to a party tonight. In answer to “what kind of girl would wear a bright orange dress with pink camels on it?”… I’m a 5’10” thin natural blonde. I’m a wife and a mother of two. I have an advanced degree. I’m an exhibiting artist and I make well in to 6 figures. I’m not sure what sort of answer you were looking for. And I’m not wild about the jacket, though I’ve found trying something on in person (rather than shopping from pictures) can make or break a piece (like the dress).

    • Shea Brakefield

      Hi Julie –

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my blog. And kudos on all of your personal and professional successes! When I asked what kind of person would wear this Charlotte Taylor dress, my purpose was in pointing out that it was doubtful the same person who liked the blazer in my previous post would also be drawn to this dress – an idea you actually supported with your own comment. I had the opportunity to check out this dress in person over the weekend, and while it’s still not for me I’m glad that you’re enjoying it. One of the wonderful things about fashion is that it leaves everyone free to develop their own style and opinions! Thanks again for reading and I hope you come back again soon – Shea

  • Susan Branstetter

    WOW – Shea! A response from the designer! You’ve gone big-time on us!! WOW!

  • Susan Branstetter

    Oh, and I do love the cut of the dress, but clearly, I’m simply too old to wear A BRIGHT ORANGE DRESS WITH PINK CAMELS ON IT!

  • Charlotte by Charlotte Taylor collection for Anthropologie – do we love it? « Do We Love It?

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  • Brooke

    Nope. Agree with shea. This dress is teeeeerrrible.

  • Annie

    WOW. I was looking for more Charlotte Taylor and found your blog. CT is far too fashionable for Anthro. CT will be on Net-A-Porter eventually. She is true design with an eye for the high end and appeals to those with who love high fashion. Rachel Comey has done well at Anthro. I have the dress, the ant dress, the wallpaper and covet her prints. Her UK cuts are far nicer. She is Orla Kiely-ish with a sense of design and cut that is more runway than High Street.

  • Sabrina

    I own this dress and I adore it! It fits like a glove and I would also wear the jacket! I know many people who would wear both of these articles of clothing.

  • anthrolover

    you’ll never know until you try it. i never saw it on the website, i saw it in the catalogue and LOVED it on the model. tried it in the store and just had to have it. i’ve gained over 20 lbs and the dress hides them! i don’t know how, i don’t even need spanx. it was gorgeous then, it is still gorgeous and ironic. can be styled many different ways but you must be creative. i’m actually glad anthropologie failed to photograph it well on their website, that’s how a $228 dress became affordable at 50% for everyone who was willing to take a risk.

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