Things we love – boots on a budget (Part 2) : knee-high black dress boots

Happy Wednesday kids! Who’s ready for some more boots?

I thought I would continue my ‘boots on a budget’ series by actually showing some of my choices for budget-friendly boots* – a revolutionary idea, I know.

*For purposes of this post I considered ‘on a budget’ to mean $150 or less because it is uber-difficult to find a decent looking knee-high boot for under $100. But as you will see below I did manage to do it so feel free to be impressed.

So let’s start with one of the essentials: knee-high black dress boots.

Up first – the Bandolino Pardey Boot:

Why I love these: At $149 is at the very top of our budget-friendly price range, but they are 100% leather. The stacked-heel and almond-shaped toe are classics that will still be in style next year. And the buckles at the top of the shaft are a fun, but subtle detail.

Next up – the Franco Sarto Advent Boot:

Why I love these: Yes I realize that these are virtually identical to the Bandolino pair posted above – but I posted these for a reason. (Yes there is a method to my madness. Sometimes.)

These boots are a great example of why it’s a good idea to shop around. First of all, they’re originally $179 which puts them out of our budget-friendly price range. But they’re on sale at for $155.11 which puts them back in the ballgame.

But wait!! They’re also on sale at for $129.50! Which not only puts them back in the ballgame but gives you money left over to buy beer and nachos, too.

Lesson = shop around, save money, buy beer!

Next up – the Santana Canada Sydney Boot:

Why I love these: The squarer (Is that a word? I guess it is now.) toe and chunkier (I know that’s a word.) stacked heel make this a more casual option. If you’re looking for a knee-high black dress boot that will do double-duty with both dresses and jeans I would go with this one.

And with the current DSW offer to take $15 off an order of $74 or more, the price of these boots comes down to $114.95. I’m getting closer to that magic $100 mark – but can I do it?

Next up – the Annie Shoes Women’s Cardy Boot:

Hell yes I can – $89.95 so there!

Why I love these: Because black pleather looks and sounds as cheap as it actually  is, black suede is a great option if you’re looking to find a knee-high boot under $100. Love the button detail up the side, too.

And finally – the Enzo Angiolini Barrows Boot:

Why I love these: $99.95 + $15 off from DSW = $84.95 for a knee-high boot that is actually made of leather. I. Am. Awesome. 🙂

Whew!! My computer and I are worn out from all of this boot shopping. What do we think of the selections above? Any faves? Any misses? I love feedback almost as much as I love boots so let me know in the comments.

PS – Please keep in mind that while I do want total credit credit for any successful purchases made of the boots above,  all recommendations come with the caveat that boots may look and feel different in person than they appear online – kind of like people. So read the reviews, make smart purchases and enjoy free shipping and returns. Happy shopping!!



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2 responses to “Things we love – boots on a budget (Part 2) : knee-high black dress boots

  • Emily Lamb

    Not surprisingly, I like them best from the top down. Why do I always like the more expensive options??? I like the Bandolino ones better than Franco Sarto ones because I like that they don’t have the elastic thing at the top. And I like the subtlety of the buckle. BUT since the Franco Sarto ones won’t be on sale forever, they’re really more expensive than the Bandolino, so I consider this a win! Maybe I’ll even wait until the Franco Sarto ones aren’t on sale and then I can tell myself I didn’t buy the most expensive option. (As an aside, I do like the buttons on the Annie Shoes). I am seriously considering buying the Bandolino. Credit credit.

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