Velvet by Graham & Spencer Jenize Sherpa Vest – do we love it?

This hasty post is coming to you from the Panera Bread in Hixson, TN where I am killing time until my next deposition. I know, I know – what a glamorous life I do lead. (And the post is hasty b/c Panera cuts off your internet access after 30 mins during peak use hours. Not cool Panera. Not cool.)

But during my precious few minutes of internet access I came across this vest and I can’t decide if we love it or not:

Before you judge me, I should confess that I have been up since 3:30 a.m. so if this vest is totally horrible I blame the sleep deprivation. Also, I blame the weather because this cold, gray Wednesday has got me longing for something warm to snuggle-up in – even if that something might be a wearable bathmat.

So what do we think kids? Am I suffering from a sleep-deprivation-induced fashion breakdown? Or is this kind of cute?

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