Things we love – the Notorious P.I.G.

When I was but a small child, before I knew who Audrey Hepburn or Coco Chanel was, I had but one style icon:

Laugh if you must, but this little piggy is undeniably fabulous. And the fact that a brash, bossy, high-maintenance woman like Miss Piggy can land a nice guy like Kermit (even if he is a frog) gives hope to all single girls everywhere.

So imagine my glee when I opened InStyle’s November issue to find my icon finally getting the fashion props she deserves in this photo spread. Let’s enjoy some of the fabulousness shall we?

Miss Piggy in Prabal Gurung:

Image credit

Miss Piggy in Jason Wu:

Image credit

Miss Piggy in Opening Ceremony:

Image Credit

I don’t care that she’s a pig. I don’t care that she’s a muppet. And I don’t care that I’m 30 years old. I still love her. Check out the full spread in the November issue of InStyle and I promise you will love her, too.

And if a brash, bossy, high-maintenance pig can get to wear fabulous designer clothes, then one day maybe so can I.

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2 responses to “Things we love – the Notorious P.I.G.

  • Casey Panter

    Love this! She’s always been a favorite of mine too, because she can say exactly what she thinks and gets away with it. Goooo P.I. G.!!

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