Banana Republic Men’s Utility Blazer – do we love it?

So this is my first post on men’s fashion. Not because I don’t love men, because I do. Especially this one. This is my first post on men’s fashion mainly because I just don’t know that much about men’s fashion. Most of my fashion knowledge and expertise comes from years and years and years of trial and error on my own person. Given that I am not a dude, that puts me at a serious dude-fashion disadvantage.

So when it comes to men’s fashion, it pretty much just boils down to what I like and what I don’t like. Here is what I like:

I love this look. Does it help that the guy wearing this suit is smoking hot and my dream future husband? Obvs. Do I have my doubts that anyone else could pull off a dark green suit? Definitely. But I sure would love to see more guys try.

Here’s something I came across recently that I can say with a fair amount of certainty I do NOT like:

Banana Republic Utility Blazer – $250

And now let’s take a look at this jacket in action on a modern man in the year 2012:

image credit

Just kidding. That’s Roger Moore as James Bond in The Man with the Golden Gun circa 1974.

But this 1974 leisure suit monstrosity is virtually identical to the 2012 Banana jacket, no? Which begs the question, what man would want to look like James Bond circa 1974 when he could look like James Bond circa Daniel Craig?

image credit

Hello Gorgeous.

But, alas, since this is not a post about super-hot men who look really, really good in suits, let’s turn our attention back to the Banana Republic man-strosity. Am I the only one who hates it? Is everyone else desperate for the return of mid-seventies fashion? (Please, for the love of all that is good and pure in this world, say no.)

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One response to “Banana Republic Men’s Utility Blazer – do we love it?

  • Emily Lamb

    I thought surely “this one” would lead me to Tim Riggins. Or Sawyer. I was having a mental debate in my head — It’s gonna be Tim Riggins. No it’s gonna be Sawyer. Tim. Sawyer. — while the link pulled up. I settled on Tim. I’m not gonna lie, it upset me a little bit. Not because Ryan Gosling isn’t dreamy, because he is, but because I felt like I would have missed that question about you on The Newlywed Game. And that hurt my feelings.

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