Things we love: Spring 2012 Essentials – chambray shirts

So I’m pretty much the worst ever at completing these series posts within a timely fashion. By the time I finished my “Boots on a Budget” series, I’m pretty sure you had all maxed out your boot budgets and no longer needed my advice. And at the rate I’m going with this “Spring 2012 Essentials” series,  it will no longer be Spring – or it might be Spring 2013. So I’m going to try to pick up the pace.

Today’s essential = chambray shirts.

First, let’s look at some designer inspiration for this trend. From Balmain:

image credit

I LOVE this look. Casual shirt + shiny gold skirt = happy, happy Shea. I neither love, nor even understand, what’s happening on her feet, however, so I’m choosing to believe this outfit stops at her knees.

But that kind of skirt is probably not very practical for most wardrobes (mine included, sadly), so let’s look at some celebrity inspiration for how to interpret this trend for everyday life:

image credit

I’m just so, so happy to see Ashley looking age-appropriate and not like a geriatric homeless bag lady that I’m willing to overlook the fact that she needs a belt. But look how effortlessly chic this look is. It’s simple and classic, but not fussy.

Now that we’ve seen the potential for chambray shirts, let’s take a look at some of my faves:

The Jean Shop at J Crew  – $198

This one is my number one fave. I love the western style of the pockets and the wash is exactly right. Despite my love I do not own this shirt because of it’s price tag.  I don’t care how many antique Japanese looms were used to create it, J Crew, I think it is ridiculous to charge $200 for a chambray shirt.

Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren – $152.19

Admittedly the price on this one isn’t a whole lot better than the previous shirt. But this one represents a more tailored and less western version of the chambray shirt – perfect for the office and the weekends, too.

But in case your wallet is already feeling a little lighter after purchasing our other Spring 2012 essentials, let’s check out some more affordable options.

Eddie Bauer Trailhead Chambray Field Shirt – $30

Such a great steal! I’m loving the tabs on the sleeves allowing you to roll them up for a more casual look. The description of the shirt says it’s not a slim cut though, so maybe order a size down if you’re looking to wear this with more tailored pieces.

Old Navy  – $30

As per uszh*, our friends at Old Navy have offered an affordable interpretation on a trend. It comes in two different chambray washes, and while I like them both, I’m partial to this one.

*That’s short for usual. It’s something I say out loud all the time, but I’ve never really attempted to spell. Uszh was as close as I could get.

Banana Republic Soft-Wash Chambray Pintuck Shirt – $60

And finally, this one. I love the pintuck detailing. Such a fun, yet subtle, way to punch up a chambray shirt. I also love that bracelet. If one of you wanted to purchase that for me I would be ever so grateful.

Thus concludes my case for chambray shirts. Buy one. Wear one. Love one. Happy almost Friday kids!

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