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J Crew Polka Dot Popover – how to love it (a Pinterest re-do)

So can we all just agree that I’m pretty much the worst blogger ever? Okay, good. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…

Hi kids. I’ve missed you. You can blame at least part of my absence on this:

The beach, not the beer. Although the beer certainly didn’t help.

You  can blame the rest of my absence on a lack of inspiration and/or infuriation (and, yes, I think I just made up that word) that was worth blogging about. But now I’m officially back at work which means I am officially wasting time on Pinterest. And today, I was inspired – by this:

Here is what I like about this outfit: that sweater. Here is what I do NOT like about this outfit: everything else.  I applaud the effort to make a sequin skirt work for daytime by pairing it with a more casual and conservative top, but this combo does not work. Throw in the baby pink jacket and shoes with the out-of-left-field red bag and this outfit makes my brain hurt.

But I do think that sweater is totes adorbs and polka dots are right on trend for Spring. So let’s take a look at how I would wear this sweater. Here’s how I would wear it to work:

J Crew Polka Dot Popover Work

You know what else is on trend for Spring? Bright colors and florals. So let’s start off by pairing this neutral-colored top with a pair of brightly-colored crops. Now we’ll add the AWESOME floral pumps – I LOVE, LOVE them. More importantly, I LOVE, LOVE mixing them with polka-dots, too. Next we’ll pull an accent color from the shoes to be the color of our bag, add a dainty pendant necklace and gold earrings that are completing to and not competing with the look, and we’re done. See how simple that was?

Want a similarly simple demonstration of how to wear this sweater on the weekends? Here you go:

J Crew Polka Dot Popover Weekend

I know, I know, I dissed the red bag paired with the original look above, but I think this particular red bag works here. For those of you who are fortunate enough to be able to wear really high wedges without being seven feet tall, I added these cute mint green ones. And how perfect are those bracelets to tie all of the accessories together? SO perfect, that’s how.

And with the end of this post I finally feel like I’m officially back from the land of sun and sand, and back in the world of judgment and critiques. I hope you missed me as much as I missed you!



Birkenstock Pearlized Granada Slide – do we love it?

Happy Good Friday kids! I hope you’re all getting to enjoy a beautiful day off with your loved ones while I am stuck at my desk.*

*I realize that sounds seriously bitter, but I mean that sincerely. If I’m gonna be stuck at work today it would at least bring me joy to know that you are not.

Let’s start our holiday weekend off with a blast from the past. Who else remembers these:

I certainly remember having a near-identical pair in my closet while I was in college. I remember wearing them with everything. I also remember my Mom telling me how ugly they were and me vigorously defending their sartorial worth.*

*I was obvs young and stupid. At least now I can freely acknowledge that my Uggs are hideous while I wear them.

But why did I bring us this blast of late 90’s nostalgia on this Good Friday? Because I found them for sale again in a most unlikely place. That’s right, Anthropologie  – aka the land of all that is good and pure, aka the place where all of my paychecks go to die, aka the mothership – has picked these up for Spring. In a variety of colors, no less.

Does this mean Birkenstocks are cool again? Or is this just another rare bad blip on an otherwise near-perfect Anthro track record?


Banana Republic Men’s Utility Blazer – do we love it?

So this is my first post on men’s fashion. Not because I don’t love men, because I do. Especially this one. This is my first post on men’s fashion mainly because I just don’t know that much about men’s fashion. Most of my fashion knowledge and expertise comes from years and years and years of trial and error on my own person. Given that I am not a dude, that puts me at a serious dude-fashion disadvantage.

So when it comes to men’s fashion, it pretty much just boils down to what I like and what I don’t like. Here is what I like:

I love this look. Does it help that the guy wearing this suit is smoking hot and my dream future husband? Obvs. Do I have my doubts that anyone else could pull off a dark green suit? Definitely. But I sure would love to see more guys try.

Here’s something I came across recently that I can say with a fair amount of certainty I do NOT like:

Banana Republic Utility Blazer – $250

And now let’s take a look at this jacket in action on a modern man in the year 2012:

image credit

Just kidding. That’s Roger Moore as James Bond in The Man with the Golden Gun circa 1974.

But this 1974 leisure suit monstrosity is virtually identical to the 2012 Banana jacket, no? Which begs the question, what man would want to look like James Bond circa 1974 when he could look like James Bond circa Daniel Craig?

image credit

Hello Gorgeous.

But, alas, since this is not a post about super-hot men who look really, really good in suits, let’s turn our attention back to the Banana Republic man-strosity. Am I the only one who hates it? Is everyone else desperate for the return of mid-seventies fashion? (Please, for the love of all that is good and pure in this world, say no.)