Pim + Larkin Cross Back Tank – do we love it?

It’s official – there was no winter this year. And given the temps so far in March, there might not be a Spring either. Based on this pre-apocalyptic weather we’ve been having, I don’t see anything wrong with ogling Summer fashions a little earlier than usual.

Which brings me to this top:

Pim + Larkin Cross Back Tank – $59

When I first saw this top from a distance I thought it was a navy tank with a simple white floral print on it which would be right in line with our must-haves for Spring. But as you can clearly see from the pic above, upon further inspection I realized I had been deceived. Because those aren’t flowers, they’re seahorses. That’s right – I said SEAHORSES.

Now we know I’m not generally a fan of animals on my clothing, but are seahorses the exception to the rule? Against my better judgment I’m picturing how great this could look with a pair of white jeans, gold flats and some big gold hoops. I mean, look how cute the back is:

Totes adorbs, right? And if Winter or Spring does decide to show it’s face in the near future you could always layer this tank under a brightly-colored orange cardi with jeans and flats for a fun transitional outfit. But I’m just not sure if I can get over the seahorses. If only this top came in another print that didn’t involve seahorses…


Phew. That’s better. But are the seahorses actually cute, or are they only relatively cute compared to the nautical alternative? Help me decide.

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