Mara Hoffman El Armarna Maillot – do we love it?

Upon reading the title of this post, you may be asking yourself, “Self, what is a maillot and do I need to have one?”. Well “maillot” is a fancy, French word for “swimsuit.” And if you’re anything like me, you’re going to be needing one of those in the near future. But will you need this one?

Mara Hoffman El Armarna Maillot – $238

Unless you are a poolside cocktail waitress at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas (that’s the one shaped like the big pyramid, kids ), I’m thinking the answer is no.

But maybe this is a case of an article of clothing looking cuter on a person than it does on the rack. Let’s see how it looks on the model:

No. This is actually worse.

Even the model looks like she cannot believe how ridiculous this is. I mean, let’s be honest – her boobs have ears. Also, the design at the bottom makes it look like our Egyptian friend has his hands tucked into a tiny crotch pocket. I sincerely hope that is not what they were going for.

I know I won’t be adding this insane swimsuit to my collection no matter how fancy and French they make it sound. (Especially not for $238 – that price is so ridiculous it gives me heart palpitations.) But what about you?

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One response to “Mara Hoffman El Armarna Maillot – do we love it?

  • Casey Panter

    Had a good chuckle on this one, esp the part about boobs having ears. thanks daughter for a good laugh. I sure needed one tonight!!

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