Things we love: Spring 2012 Essentials – striped tops

Y’all, my Mom is going to be so,  SO happy to see this post. For the past year or two I have given her  a hard time about how she’s bought just about every navy and white striped shirt she can get her hands on. Well Mom – you win. 🙂 I am officially recommending that everyone add at least one dark-striped top to their wardrobe this Spring.

Ivanka Trump Amanda Ballet Tee – $90

A navy and white or black and white striped top is SO versatile. It looks chic with black trousers, snappy cazh with blue jeans, adorably preppy with any of this season’s colored denim, and rocks my world when mixed with other prints like florals or leopard.

Let’s take a look at some of my fave striped tops – first up, scoop-neck stripes:

Scoop neck stripes

Or you could go for wide stripes:

Wide stripes

Or you could get really crazy and add a little pink to the mix:

Pink and stripes

Bottom line: striped tops are awesome. Think about how cute any one of these would look tucked into one of our brightly-colored pencil skirts. My one tip on finding the perfect striped top is this – if you’re on the small or petite side it’s probably best to stick with a narrower stripe as the wider ones can be a little overwhelming on you. Yes, this limits your striped options, but don’t expect any of us normal-sized people to feel sorry for you and your tiny, adorable self.

And now kids I bid you to go forth and buy a navy or black and white striped top for Spring. You can even go crazy and buy more than one. (And yes Mom, that even means you, too.)

Stay tuned for Part 5 of my Spring 2012 series coming soon to a computer near you!

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One response to “Things we love: Spring 2012 Essentials – striped tops

  • Casey Panter

    Aha!!! I knew it!! Thanks for the online credit, daughter. I’ve always known they were my favorite, it just took the rest of the fashion world to catch up!! Yea or Nay from the fashion critics, I will always have at least one in my closet, cause I like the way they look on me, and they make me feel great!! Great article, Tee-Hee!!

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