Things we love: Spring 2012 Essentials – leopard print ballet flats

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed yet (and judging by how many times I keep screwing up the date on things, apparently I have not), but it’s 2012. AKA – the year we’re all going to die according to the Mayans. But cheer up! That’s not supposed to happen until December. So for now let’s continue to fill our closets and plan our wardrobes until some giant asteroid/earthquake/tsunami/alien laser beam wipes them out.

To  help you do that, I’m starting a series of posts on what I consider to be the essential elements of every girl’s Spring 2012 wardrobe.*

*And if you’re good little children, at the end of the series I will show you how to put them all together. Feel free to start getting excited.

Spring 2012 Essential No. 1 = the leopard print ballet flat.

Ivanka Trump Magnolis Flat – $130

By this point in the blog it’s no secret that I’m involved in a passionate, albeit one-sided, love affair with leopard print. Why? Because there’s nothing leopard print doesn’t go with. In other words, (and said in a more grammatically-correct fashion) leopard print goes with everything.*

*I’ll prove it to you. Promise.

Seriously. Think of it as a neutral. And ballet flats are a fantastic, all-purpose shoe for Spring. They look great with skirts, dresses, shorts, capris, and denim of all shapes and colors. Here are my personal leopard flat recommendations:

Leopard Print Flats

Helpful hint – click on the picture above for a magical link containing the sources for these shoes. You’re welcome.

 Aren’t they seriously the cutest? Not only do they kick basic black clothes up a notch, they look tres fab with bright colors, too. And don’t be afraid of mixing them with other patterns – I’m especially loving them with plaid. Look how cute they are on my friend Emily today:

I can’t technically take credit for putting this outfit together because she did that herself (kudos to her!), but I am taking credit for teaching her how to do that (kudos to me, too!).

So what’s the lesson we learned here, kids? If you don’t already own a pair of leopard print flats, get some. And if you do already own a pair of leopard print flats, wear them with my blessing.

Stay tuned for part two of my Spring 2012 Essentials series, coming soon!

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