Max & Chloe West Avenue Monogram Necklace – do we love it?

As a former Alabamian and current Nashvillian, I am a southern girl through and through. Sometimes I think about moving to a new city, but then I realize that all of the cities I really love – like D.C., Boston, and New York – are all above the Mason-Dixon line and so, I decide to stay put. I mean, how could I possibly be expected to live without sweet tea on porch swings, conversations filled with “y’alls”, “fixin to’s” and college football, and cute boys in seersucker suits?

Something else we Southern girls love is a good monogram. On everything, if possible. Last week I found myself getting seriously peeved that a friend hadn’t yet decided on a name for her forthcoming child and I, therefore, couldn’t get the little bugger a monogrammed onesie/blanket/diaper bag for the baby shower.

But I CAN get this necklace for myself:

Max & Chloe West Avenue Monogram Necklace – $160

I saw a similar necklace on a girl at Starbucks recently and it looked so delicate and pretty with her simple pink sweater, skinny jeans, and riding boots. But that being said, there is something decidedly 1990’s about this necklace. It definitely takes me back to the days of stirrup pants and giant sweatshirts from Express. (Who else remembers those? Every girl who went to Walker High should be raising her hand right now – even if they don’t read this blog. They should just psychically know we’re discussing giant Express sweatshirts and immediately lift their arms.)

I’m certainly not advocating a return to the horrible fashions of my freshman and sophomore years, but I am thinking this necklace would be a nice signature piece to add to my accessories wardrobe. What do you think?

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One response to “Max & Chloe West Avenue Monogram Necklace – do we love it?

  • Kerrie

    My friend has one with her husband’s initials. I like the concept. They don’t have to be for every day wear, but can be nice with the right look.

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