Jumpsuits – do we love them?

I don’t. Love jumpsuits that is. But like all things in fashion, what once was old is new again. And if every magazine from Cosmo to InStyle is telling me jumpsuits are in for Spring, then I figured it was time to give them the old look-see.

Let’s start with the good. This first jumpsuit makes me think there might be hope for this trend:

Rebecca Taylor Jumpsuit – $325

But here is a practical and, frankly, kind-of gross question I have about jumpsuits: how do you use the bathroom in one? I mean, obviously I know you don’t use the bathroom IN one, but isn’t it kind of a pain to have to get in and out of that thing every time you have to go? Besides, how much cuter (and less inconvenient) would this look be as a cocktail dress or even a top and pair of trousers?

That being said, I do like the navy blue color, deep v-neck and accentuated waistline of this jumpsuit. I could definitely see potential for this one to work with some simple accessories and a chic ponytail.

This one is also kind of cute:

Bird by Juicy Couture  – $212

I love the idea of this one with a brown leather jacket. But from afar this looks like a dress. And if it’s going to look like a dress wouldn’t it just be simpler to make it a dress?

This one’s also not bad, although maybe it’s a tad romper room-ish for my taste:

Zero + Maria Cornejo Short Artem Jumpsuit – $395

And now here is where they start to get iffy:

3.1 Phillip Lim – $625

Dear Phillip Lim, You have essentially made a $625 pair of coveralls. I hope you’re proud of yourself. Love, Shea.

But that’s nothing compared to this one:

Henrik Vibskov Miriam Jumpsuit – $171

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! It’s okay to laugh. Because this is clearly a joke. Right? RIGHT?????

And oh dear Lord:

Arden B Zig Zag Tube Jumpsuit – $69

This might truly be, without exaggeration, the ugliest thing I have ever seen.

Oh God I was wrong:

Stella McCartney – $382


Sorry – I just blacked out and fell face down on the keyboard.

Let’s all take note that this jumpsuit – which is clearly just a pair of footie pajamas without the footies and with a gaping boob-hole – was once priced at $1,125. And that even on sale it is still almost $400. AND IT IS SOLD OUT. If there are women walking around America and the world wearing this thing, I think it might be time to move to the moon.

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