Gap legging jeans in russian red – do we love them?

Dear casual Friday,

I love you. And I’m sorry I’ve neglected you for so long. It’s really not my fault. For some selfish reason, judges always schedule court on Fridays which means I have to wear a suit to work while everyone else is spending time with you. So even though I’m stuck at my office all day today, at least you, me and my blue skinnies are finally getting to spend some time together. Here’s hoping we get more quality time in 2012.



This time last year I practically lived in my blue skinny jeans. After much trial and error, I was pleasantly surprised to discover my perfect pair at the Gap (cut for me AND reasonably priced – that NEVER happens). But this year I’ve spent almost all of my winter months clad in my black knit legging jeans (also from the Gap and previously discussed here), which I’m starting to realize won’t be as versatile come Spring.

So with that in mind I came across some new colored denim options in the Gap’s spring collection and I need to know what we think about them:

1969 Mid-weight Legging Jeans – $69.95

After some earlier indecisiveness about colored denim, I think I’ve come down on the side of loving it (for the most part – there are obvs exceptions to every rule). But how do we feel about red denim? Celebrities make it look so cute:

image credit

And Reese (of course) looks adorable in hers (as always):

image credit

PS – I would sell my soul for that bag. Call me if you’re interested in working out a trade.

But even with these cute examples in mind, I have a hard time envisioning how I would wear red jeans. In theory I like the idea of wearing them with a black and white striped top, but worry that in reality that would make me look like a Venetian gondolier. I also like the idea of pairing them with navy blue but then think that might make me look too 4th of July.

Maybe some sort of light gray or lighter blue, like a chambray shirt, might work instead? Or are red jeans in general just a bad idea for us non-celebrity, regular folk? What do you think?

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