Kenneth Cole New York Faux Fur Trim Anorak – do we love it?

Sometimes an outfit or a piece of clothing can be more than the sum of its parts. Take this jacket for example:

This jacket features many elements to which I am vehemently (fancy word of the day) opposed if taken individually:

Faux fur trim – check!

Adjustable waist toggles – check!

Overall aura of New Jersey ski bunny  – check!

Despite all of that, I think I might love this jacket. Or maybe it’s just freezing in my office right now and I love the idea of anything warm. Obvs I need you to help me decide.

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2 responses to “Kenneth Cole New York Faux Fur Trim Anorak – do we love it?

  • Susan

    I in love with (the idea of) this jacket and I think I’m going to order it….do you have it and do you like it? I am also wondering if the hood is big because I usually like my hoods pretty big….thanks!!

    • Shea Brakefield

      I actually don’t have this jacket – yet. I’m still investigating and deciding on my coat options for this winter. But this one is definitely high on my list. I love feedback so let me know how it works out!!

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