Want vs. Need – a dilemma we do not love

I just started writing this post by saying that I didn’t actually buy that many pairs of shoes or boots last fall and winter. And then I started counting them in my head. And I realized that was a lie. (And no, I will not tell you what my final internal count was because it is slightly embarrassing. And probably inaccurate. To the low side.)

Now given how much I talk about shopping, shoes, and shopping for shoes you might think I have an unlimited budget for these type of things. But trust me, I do not. And as a result, sometimes difficult shoe-purchase-related decisions must be made.

This weekend I almost impulse-purchased this pair of boots at Nordstrom:

Luxury Rebel Abby Boot

In real life they’re more of a light gray-brown than the dark taupe-y color they appear to be in the picture. And they looked super-cute with the tan slouchy socks and leggings I was wearing when I tried them on. I WANT them. But I don’t NEED them. And I really don’t need to spend $165 on them right now.

Especially when what I NEED right now is this pair of shoes:

Coach Taffy Pumps

Now obviously I do not NEED these in the strictest sense in the word – I obviously own other black pumps and shoes. I mean, I do not need these like Lindsey Lohan NEEDS an intervention or like the Kardashians NEED to disappear from our national consciousness.

But I do spend a good part of the winter months putting on black and black-related suits for courtroom appearances and my go-to black pumps have seen better days. I think this pair is  cute and non-boring but still conservative enough to be courtroom appropriate. And right now they’re on sale

And yes, I could get spend less money and get a perfectly functional pair of black pumps to get me through the winter. But lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’ve reached an age and point in my professional life where it’s more important to have quality over quantity when it comes to fashion – especially in my work wardrobe. It really seems to cut down on the number of people who think I’m there to be the court reporter and not the defense attorney.

I think I already know the answer but I’m going to ask anyway:

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