This woman could have used our help – a crime of fashion (with bonus poll and update!)

The date: April 16, 2013

The place: Corner of 4th and Commerce in downtown Nashville

The crime:

pink suit

The description: Kids, I’m just gonna cut to the chase – that’s a pale pink bermuda short-suit. I don’t know what this woman has going on underneath this suit because I never saw her from the front. But frankly, I don’t care – because there is absolutely ZERO chance that it improved the look.*

*I am, however, going to give her the benefit of the doubt and not comment on her sneakers. That’s because we ladies who work downtown know that sometimes you have to sacrifice style for the sake of the preservation of both your feet and your shoes. Instead I will assume she has a perfectly adorable pair of pumps waiting for her underneath her desk at the office.**

Now normally I would be confused by this lady’s look, but not necessarily particularly alarmed. I mean, where is she going in this? Any occasion that would call for a blazer would certainly be too fancy for shorts, true?? And any situation where shorts would be appropriate would clearly be too causal for a blazer, right??

My true concern came the following week when I spotted this look at my local Banana Republic:


I am not okay with this.

The lesson: Women of America – now is the time to rise up and tell the retailers of this world that we will not live in a society that accepts this bastard child of fashion. You either need a suit or you need shorts. There is NEVER a time where you need both simultaneously. Let us rise up and revolt against this offensive tyranny so that the next generation may live in a world free from such horrors!!!

But I recognize I might be alone in my fear and loathing of the shorts suit, so here is your BONUS POLL – what do you think??

**UPDATE!!! Following your wise and wonderful advice, I bit the bullet and bought the leopard print JCrew Etta pumps featured in my last post and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! Here they are living under my desk today next to the flip-flops I wear to and from the parking deck:


Hence the cutting of slack to the lady and her sneakers featured above. Let’s all just pretend she has a pair of equally awesome shoes living under her desk, too.

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