Citizens of Humanity ‘Avedon’ Skinny Jeans – things I’m loving

Raise your hand if you made New Year’s Resolutions for 2013. Now keep it raised if you’re still working on those resolutions during this third week of February. I am very proud to say that I can be counted among those of you who still have their hands raised. Maybe that’s because this year, instead of resolving to try one new thing every month like I did last year (number of months that lasted = 1), I set two attainable and manageable goals.

Resolution No. 1: Learn how to cook food.

This year I decided it is no longer cute that I have no idea how to prepare a meal for myself and/or others. When I say “I don’t cook” I think people think I’m joking. But the sad truth is that other than knowing how to throw some spaghetti sauce on a bowl of noodles or make a pretty kick-ass batch of nestle tollhouse chocolate chip cookies, I REALLY don’t know how to cook. Like, I set things on fire and/or almost poison people when I try.

So this year I’ve been taking steps and making efforts to change that – with some guidance from a more knowledgeable friend I invested in some good knives, a nice cutting board, a couple of cookbooks, and voila:

Now I know that greek chicken pitas and roasted potatoes probably aren’t that impressive to most of you, but trust me – the fact that my kitchen was still standing AND this meal was delish is a BIG FREAKIN DEAL. But have no fear – there is absolutely zero chance this will be turning into a food blog anytime soon. So let’s get to my second, and more relevant resolution.

Resolution No. 2:  Quality over quantity.

I have come to the revelation that I have a lot of stuff. Stuff I don’t need. Stuff that is preventing me from seeing, using and enjoying the other stuff I have because it is taking up space in my house and my life. And, of course, a lot of that stuff is clothing and clothing-adjacent. So I made a resolution to spend my money more wisely and less freely. To really think about my purchases before I make them and invest in things I truly love.

I actually got a head start on this resolution in 2012 when I bought the new bag I previously talked about here. Well that purchase turned out so well that I convinced myself it was a good idea to save up and bite the bullet on these boots:

Frye Jackie Tall Riding Boot – $428

Did each of these purchases make me clutch my chest and need to breathe into a paper bag after I handed over the credit card? Sure. But have I regretted either purchase since then? Not for one second. I truly LOVE and have enjoyed wearing and using the heck out of both the bag and the boots. The cost per wear for each of them has got to be down into the single-digit range by now. And knowing that I spent good money for good quality goods means I can continue to enjoy them for several years more.

So when 2013 rolled around and I found myself in need of a new pair of skinny jeans to finish out the season, I decided to forgo the Gap jeans that had previously been my standard (even though I secretly always thought they weren’t terribly flattering or comfy – at least they were cheap) and set out in search of a high-quality pair that would fit, flatter and last. Enter the Citizens of Humanity Avedon Jean:

Citizens of Humanity Avedon Skinny Jean – $198

Y’all…. these are the Best. Jeans. EVER. So much so that within a week of purchase I went back and bought a second pair in black. They’re super-soft, just high enough in the waist to avoid the dreaded muffin top yet not so high as to cut off your circulation when you sit down, and the perfect dark rinse. And best of all they totally hold their shape through repeated wearings and washings.

After years of buying pair after pair after pair of uncomfortable, unflattering jeans that I end up donating or shoving in the back of the closet after I’ve realized my mistake, I can say that I have finally seen the light. These jeans are worth every penny. Just like the bag and the boots mentioned above, I wear these jeans often enough that the cost per wear is constantly on the decline making them a bargain in any book.

So that’s my pitch for quality over quantity. Just something to think about next time you’re making a fashion purchase. Have any of you made a big clothing purchase that paid off in the long run? And did any of you kids make any fashion-related resolutions this year? If so – I’d love to hear about them in the comments.  Long live 2013!!!

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One response to “Citizens of Humanity ‘Avedon’ Skinny Jeans – things I’m loving

  • Casey

    Oh my, you must have had a “terrible” Mother who didn’t teach you how to cook!! Loved the Blog. Glad to see you are continuing the expansion of “Q over Q” 😇

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