Non-hideous yellow dresses – do we love them?

Wish I could say “Happy Friday” to all of you, but today is not a happy day for me. Instead it’s a day of mourning  – because today is my last day working with my co-d friend and work spouse Emily. She had the nerve to accept a new job at an office that is TWO WHOLE BLOCKS AWAY so clearly I will never see her again.

You know what would make me feel better? Tequila. But since that’s not an option right now, you can all make me feel better by going to my last post and voting for my side to make sure I keep winning. Because I love winning.

Also, as an addendum to my last post I should note that Emily actually sent me that Pucci dress in an e-mail, telling me she loves it, and asking me to find her a more affordable option. Well try as I might I couldn’t find anything exactly on point. But I did find some more affordable options in the “yellow dress with interesting details” category. Let’s take a look:

Trina Turk Rosemarie Pebble Beach Textured Dress – $298

I do love a good sheath dress. But do I love a good sheath dress with a keyhole and a bow? I actually think just the keyhole would be okay, but the giant bow pushes this dress dangerously close to clown costume territory. So here’s a dress that eliminates that problem:

Banana Republic Chartreuse Jacquard Dress – $140

Dear models, Please stop putting your hands in the pockets of these dresses. It makes your hips look wide. And if your tiny size zero hips look wide, it makes me think my normal-sized hips will look positively gigantic leading me not to purchase the dress thus defeating your entire purpose in this world. Boom – lawyered. Love, Shea

Notwithstanding the model’s unfortunate posing, I do like this simple yellow sheath with the “interesting” detail of the jacquard pattern. And yes, I recognize that calling the jacquard an “interesting” detail is a bit of a stretch but I wanted to include this dress because I like it. And it’s my blog so I can do what I want. (Insert me sticking my tongue out here)

This dress actually DOES have some interesting details:

Traipsing Through the Tulips Dress – $70

While not an exact replica, I feel like this one is at least similar in spirit to the Pucci dress. It has lacy details and an embroidered neckline, but it’s also missing those hideous sleeves – which is a good thing. It also, however, reads as a little young – which is a bad thing. So here’s a yellow lace dress that is probably more age-appropriate for most of us:

Nanette Lepore “Vamos” Floral Eyelet Dress – $348

I think this is super-cute. And if I looked good in bright yellow I would own this dress because I love it. But I do not look good in bright yellow so one of you who does will just have to buy and wear it so I can live vicariously through you. Speaking of bright yellow:

Catherine Malandrino – $345

I can’t decide if this one is cute, or if it looks like a highlighter. I’m pretty sure it can’t be both. What I do like about this dress is the crochet-detail emphasizing the natural waist. What I’m not so sure about (in addition to the super-bright shade of yellow) is the crochet band around the thighs. No woman wants to emphasize those.

And finally, I really, really like this one:

Collective Concepts Emily Colorblock Dress – $89

This one is probably my v. fave of all the yellow dresses. Imagine how cute this would be with a wide tan belt and some fun platform espadrilles. Unfortunately, this one is also the v. hardest shade of yellow for anyone to pull off. I think it’s no coincidence the model’s head is chopped off on this one because this shade of lemon yellow has a tendency to make both blondes and brunettes alike look like they are dying from consumption.

So that’s what I think about yellow dresses – how about you? (And yes, you can only vote for one of them so you’ll have to pick your fave.)

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