Emilio Pucci Appliqued Silk-Charmeuse Dress – do we love it?

Alright kids – it’s time to talk about my friend Emily again. Emily and I are pretty much the same person. Except she has brown hair and mine is blonde. That’s just about the only difference. Seriously.

So I was EXTREMELY surprised to receive an e-mail from Emily today expressing her love for this dress:

Emilio Pucci Appliqued Silk-Charmeuse Dress – $6,000

Emily’s love for this dress was surprising because this same dress causes me to have a violent physical reaction deep within my fashion-loving little heart. This dress more than hurts my eyes – it hurts my feelings. Like I am deeply troubled to know I live in a world where this dress not only exists, it exists with a price of $6,000.*

*I’m sure many, many Belgian nuns hand-sewed every stitch on this dress with such precision they ultimately went blind from all of the tiny, detail work.

In Emily’s defense, she did say she was “not in love with” the sleeves.  I, on the other hand, would prefer to light everything from the waist-up on fire and start over. Okay, that’s probably a bit of an exaggeration. I could maybe see this possibly working if you cut off the sleeves just below that band on the upper arm and open up the neckline somehow with a little crew or scoop neck. Maybe.

Whose side are you on?*

*And please, do not let the fact that I am the author of this blog who has brought you many, many helpful fashion tips and hopefully a few laughs over these past many months, sway your decision in any way**

**Also, you all look super-skinny in that outfit you’re wearing today.***

***But no pressure.

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