Things we love – polka dot dresses

Who among us did not long to be Julia Roberts* when we saw her in this dress in Pretty Woman:

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*Let’s make sure everyone notices I said Julia Roberts, and NOT Vivian Ward, the prostitute she plays in the film. Although if I could wear fab clothes like hers and end up with a guy like Richard Gere, prostitution might not be so bad. (Just kidding Mom!!!)

Who would have thought a brown and white polka-dotted dress could be so effortlessly chic? Well polka-dotted dresses are back this year, and since ‘effortlessly chic’ is something to which I think I can safely assume we all aspire, I thought I’d share some of my faves.

The work appropriate polka dots:

Banana Republic – $130

The going out for drinks polka dots:

Tulle – $69

The designer shirtdress polka dots:

Tibi – $368

The wrap dress polka dots:

Moschino Cheap and Chic – $325

The non-traditional polka dots:

Myne – $260

And finally, the affordable all-purpose polka dots:

Mod Cloth – $40

I’ve already punched my ticket to board the polka dot train this Spring – who’s coming with me?

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