House of Harlow Tribal Cuff – do we love it?

Oh Nicole Richie. I bet you are just so, so glad that most of America has forgotten that you used to run around looking like this:

And with that girl, too. (image credit)

Now we all know you as the queen of casual, boho chic:

image credit

But girlfriend, you have also shown you can turn it out in a major way when needed:

And so I say to you, Bravo, Nicole. Bravo indeed.

And extra kudos for managing to further distance yourself from your former self through the births of both your two adorable children and your very own fashion lines. Which brings us to this bracelet from your House of Harlow line:

I am Officially. Ob. Sessed.

This cuff does an amazing job of blending the current trend of Native American influence with a modern shape and color palette. I’m normally hesitant to spend a lot of money on bracelets because I end up taking them off when I’m at work so they don’t bang on my desk all day. But I think this cuff has some serious versatility potential – much like Nicole herself. Here’s how I would wear it to work:

House of Harlow Bracelet Set 1

I’m not usually a huge fan of velvet, but I think the velvet skirt of this dress adds a nice textural element in this case. Plus this outfit could go directly from office to cocktails or even Christmas party this time of year.

I also think this cuff would look fab with this casual outfit I previously posted here:

Minnetonka Thunderbird Moccassin

And so, this Christmas season, let us give thanks for the celebrities of the world – like Nicole – who managed to turn it around and succeed on the interstate of life when they just as easily could have taken the exit to Lindsey Lohan-ville instead.

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