J Crew Majesty Peacoat – can we love it for less?

It’s post-apalooza day here at doweloveit.com! Here’s a quickie:

So I was flipping through the latest J Crew catalog last week and let out an audible gasp when I came across this coat:


But at $258 is kind-of pricey for a gold peacoat that may or may not be very practical. (Although I do have a sneaking suspicion that this coat would go with more things than I think it would.)

So here’s a more wallet-friendly version found at Old Navy:

Not bad. And $200 less than the J Crew version. But this is a good example of you get what you pay for as discussed in my Boots on a Budget post below. A lot of the detailing – like the gold buttons, the drape of the shoulders and the wide, flat pockets – found on the J Crew coat are missing from the Old Navy one.

If I was just looking for a yellow peacoat, I think the Old Navy one would be a fine addition to my already-crowded coat closet. But given that the first thing I fell in love with was the amazing gold color of the J Crew coat, I’m afraid there might be no substitute. But what do you think?

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