Things we love – Christian Siriano Spring 2012 Collection

Dear Christian Siriano –

I must confess that I was not your biggest fan during your Project Runway days. Yes you were a great character, an impeccable tailor and a seemingly nice guy. But you went to the pirate-inspired / puffy-sleeved well a few too many times for my liking.

I hope, however, you won’t hold that against me because your new Spring 2012 collection is Rocking. My. World. And when I when marry Ryan Gosling* I’m going to need quite a few items from this collection to fill out my trophy-wife wardrobe.

*This may or may not be something that is only happening in my dreams.

Like this skirt and top combo:

I am going to need this impossibly chic outfit to wear when Ryan and I are invited to Brad and Angelina’s inevitable French-chateau wedding.

And this little white dress with the fab orange shoes:

This will be perfect for a paparazzi-filled lunch with Ryan on the patio at The Ivy in June.

And this adorable sheath dress:

I’ll need this for a power lunch with the investors in my new fashion line/clothing boutique/hot yoga studio – after all, no matter how hot and famous her husband is, a girl’s still got to have her own life.

And finally, I’ll need this gown:

For the Oscars of course. But I’ll need you to make it in a different color – maybe navy blue or a deep raspberry – because this isn’t really my shade.

Thanks in advance for all of your help. And kudos on the awesome collection!

XOXO – Shea

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