Things we love – transitional outfits

Hi – my name is Shea and I am a summer-holic. I love everything about it. Weekends at the lake – love them. Daylight until 8 o’clock – love it. 102 degrees everyday – love that, too. But all good things must come to an end. And now that it’s August soon it will be September, then October, then it’s wintertime and now I’m depressed.

But with new seasons comes new fashion – or at least new ways to use the fashion you already have. A few weeks ago I bought this dress:

(Guess where it’s from)

LOVE that blue sash.  I’ve been wearing it with some sandals I have from last summer which are similar to these and it’s been a perfect summer dress. But I don’t want to give it up when the temperature starts to fall. So here’s the plan:

Transitional outfit
Blazer – J. Crew
Boots – Cole Haan
Add a yummy velvet blazer, change out the summery blue sash for a classic gold-buckle belt, put on some gorgeous brown boots and now my Summer dress can hold my hand as I try to make the transition to Winter without crying. And if a tear or two falls when the leaves start to change I will console myself with more boots. They really are the best medicine.

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