Neon pleated skirt – how to love it

Happy, happy Monday kids!*

*My grandmother has a theory that you can “speak things into being” so that’s what I’m going for here.

And what do we do on happy, happy Mondays when we can’t get motivated to do any real work? That’s right – we turn to Pinterest. And what did our old friend have in store for us today? This:

Image from Cupcakes and Cashmere – great blog. Go check it out.

But this is not our usual Pinterst re-do. This is a Pinterest adore-a-thon. Because this outfit is SO FAB. I love everything about this  – the black moto-jacket, the tiny bow belt, the sparkly clutch, and most importantly, I love that skirt. Love. It. So I gave myself the challenge (and we all know how much I love a good challenge) of finding a few more ways to possibly incorporate a neon pleated skirt into my own wardrobe.

Here’s what I came up with for work:

Neon skirt for work

Now obvs this isn’t the same neon skirt our adorable blogger is wearing above. But I thought a longer version might be more versatile, especially if I wanted to be able to wear it to the office. Would I wear a neon yellow skirt to court? Probably not. But I think pairing this bright skirt with more neutral-colored pieces makes it totally appropriate for a day spent in mediation or taking depositions. You could even lose the blazer, add some showier earrings and maybe a few bangle bracelets and wear this outfit to a fun summer wedding.

But I wouldn’t want to confine my neon skirt to the work week, so here’s what I came up with for play:

Neon pleated skirt cazh

I love the idea of royal blue paired with this neon yellow. For some reason it just makes my heart smile. But because that’s a lot of bright color in one outfit, I kept the belt and sandals neutral and added the striped bag for one fun pop of pattern that doesn’t compete with the rest of the outfit.

And now here’s where I tell you that while you’ll probably see me add lots of  cute, straw fedoras (like the one above) to my theoretical online looks this summer, you will probably never actually see one on my head. That’s because try as I might – and I’m pretty sure I’ve tried on every fedora in the state of Tennessee and quite a few in Alabama and Florida, as well – I just can’t seem to get one to look right on my giant noggin. Sad.

I’m definitely in love with the idea of a neon pleated skirt for summer. How about you?

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