Amanda Uprichard Petal Silk Skirt – do we love it?

Well kids, we have reached both the most dreaded and most dangerous time of the year for yours truly. Dreaded because we are in the dead period of Winter where everything is gray and gross and there are no fun holidays to break up said grossness. And dangerous because now is the time all of the retailers start sending out their “new Spring arrivals” announcements and my depression over the aforementioned grossness and longing for the new season causes me to spend uncontrollably.

Happens every year. I am powerless to stop it.

Today’s torture comes courtesy of Piperlime in the form of this skirt:

Amanda Uprichard Petal Silk Skirt – $194

I think this is so pretty. And Spring-y. And blue. But is it really or am I just desperate for something bright and cheerful in my wardrobe after a Winter filled with dark neutrals?

And how would I go about wearing such a blue skirt? Here’s what I’m thinking:

Blue tulip skirt

For dressing it up: I am LOVING this striped blazer. Loving. It. But it is admittedly a bold statement. So I would keep the rest of the look neutral with a simple white tank and neutral bag and sandals.* Why not black accessories you may be asking? Because I think they look too heavy with this skirt. And aren’t we all a little ready to move on from our black shoes and bags anyway?

*On an “only in my dreams’ side note – how fab are those Loubs and that bag??? The day that Christian Louboutin comes out with a line at Target like Missoni did is probably the day I will go to prison for stabbing someone at a Target who dared impede my path to the shoe section.

For dressing it down: Keep the white tank and use the stripe in the gorge bag as inspiration to add a yellow cardi. Simple neutral flats and delicate jewelry complete the look.

So what do we think? Is this skirt too blue? Is it just blue enough? Or am I too blue over the never-ending continuation of Winter to adequately judge the blue-ness of this skirt? Help me decide.


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