Things we love – boots on a budget (Part 3): brown ankle boots

I am so slow with these ‘boots on a budget posts’ that you’ve probably already filled out your Fall 2011 boot wardrobe and no longer want/need my sage fashion wisdom. Well I put a lot of time and effort into this post young lady so you’re getting this wisdom whether you want/need it or not!! Today we’ll be tackling another one of my boot essentials – the brown ankle boot.*

*For purposes of this post I considered “on a budget” to mean $100 or less. I was surprised to find it was harder to find ankle boots at this price point than it was to find knee-high ones. Oh retail pricing, you will never cease to confuse me.

Let’s get started with the Nine West Azzurro Bootie:

I love that bootie. (I also love how this sentence would have a totally different meaning if you swapped out ‘booty’ for ‘bootie.’) Classic, simple shape makes it totally versatile and I love the little wrap detailing at the ankle. And waiting a little longer into fall to buy your boots means you can get this one on sale for $79.90 down from $109.95. Win!

Next is the Enzo Angiolini Haver Suede Bootie:

Another good example of how sometimes it literally pays to be a procrastinator (like me) because this bootie is on sale for $89.99 down from $120. This is another super-simple shape with some fun, subtle details around the heels. Also the yummy brown suede makes me think of hot chocolate – and who doesn’t like hot chocolate??

Speaking of suede, here’s the Nine West Darion bootie:

This color taupe is great – it’s like dark brown’s younger, hipper sister. It’s a great option for pairing with this season’s bright oranges, reds and pinks. And yes, at $99 it’s at the very top of our budget-friendly price range, but it’s so pretty!!

And finally, if you’re really looking to branch out, I recommend the Sabine Bahari bootie:

In case you haven’t noticed yet, this type of lace-up bootie is a huge trend this Fall. Pair these with a girlie dress or tunic over a pair of leggings with a gray or black boyfriend blazer for automatic adorableness.

And just because I love you – here are my general ankle boot tips and tricks:

1. If you plan to wear your ankle boots with skirts or dresses always go with a narrower heel or wedge. A heavy square-shaped block heel or  super-high wedge (no matter how comfy it may be) is going to bring all of the visual weight to your feet. What does that mean in layman’s terms? It means you’ll look like a horse. And no one wants that.

2. Make sure to be cognizant of where your ankle boots actually hit your ankle. Generally speaking, to avoid the appearance of cankles you want your boot to hit just above, not at or below, your actual ankle bone.

So there you have brown ankle boots on a budget. Next up, brown knee-high riding boots – which at this rate will be up sometime around Memorial Day 2012. Mark your calendars accordingly.  🙂

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