Kelsi Dagger Francille Bootie – do we love it?

I warned you that there would be a lot of boot posts in the upcoming weeks – so if you’re still reading this and you don’t love boots you have no one to blame but yourself. Although really, who doesn’t love boots? Communists, that’s who.

But I do love boots (and am not a communist) and on this beautiful Thursday morning I’m thinking I might love these:

Now I know what you’re probably thinking. You’re probably thinking “But Shea, this is a furry hiking boot in which you cannot hike.” And my response to that would be “Perfect – because I don’t hike anyway.”

Am I crazy to think this might actually be a cute and functional winter bootie? Rubber soles mean I won’t have to worry as much about slipping and falling on my face as I am prone to do on icy streets. And all that shearling guarantees that at least my ankles will be warm.

Or is this just another ridiculous wedge-heeled hiking bootie with a bathmat attached to the top?


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