Hive & Honey Sweater Trim Coat – do we love it?

I have a love/hate relationship with coats. I obviously hate having to wear them because wearing coats means it is cold outside. And I REALLY hate the dilemma of whether to drag one all over town or freeze to death until I get inside when I go out for a night out on the town. Dear Nashville bars, I have two words for you: COAT CHECK. Love, Shea

But if you looked in my coat closet you would think that I love them because I have so many. What I really have is a perpetual (fancy word of the day!) feeling that I just never have the right coat for the right outfit. And so I end up buying every coat that catches my eye on the off chance I might need it in the future.

Well this coat recently caught my eye and I need your help to decide if I love it:

Get it here

On the plus side – attached neck scarf!! On the minus side – attached neck scarf??

I love that it’s a basic navy peacoat with a fun detail. But is that detail a bit too much? And could I still wear a fun patterned or colored scarf to actually keep my neck warm or would I end up looking like this:

(I mean really – is this a thing we’re doing now?)

I’m torn so it’s up to you. Help me decide.

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