DVF Nove Dress – do we love it?

If there is one absolute in fashion it is this – every woman looks good in a wrap dress. Period. In fact, I challenge you to find me a woman who would NOT look good in a wrap dress. If you have a small waist, a wrap dress shows it off. If you have no waist (like myself) a wrap dress creates one. They can be dressed up. They can be dressed down. They can be worn all over town.

And without a doubt, the absolute queen of the wrap dress is Diane von Furstenburg. Period. For your consideration:

I love them SO much.

Side note: I saw a girl at Hot Yoga Nashville wearing a DVF wrap dress in a green and black pattern similar to the first one shown above. After changing clothes for class she left her wrap dress UNATTENDED in a cubby in the lobby right in front of me. By some miracle I was able to keep myself from clutching it to my chest and running out the door. But I make no such promises for the future. 

Now at this time, I do not own any DVF dresses. But one day I will own as many as I can get my hands on. Including, fingers crossed, this one:

I love this. But I can see where it could be controversial. So before you make up your mind, this would be my plan:

(I figured in a fantasy world where I could afford a $425 dress I could also afford the $595 shoes and $765 clutch to go with it.)

I’ve made my case for the DVF Nove dress so now it’s your turn to decide – do we love it?

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