Working Girl neck bows – do we love them?

You know what was great about the movie “Working Girl”? Harrison Ford. You know what was not great about the movie “Working Girl”? The clothes and the hair. I mean, COME ON:

(Image from here)

And because I couldn’t find a picture clearly displaying all of the neck bows that graced the blouses in this movie (possibly because Melanie Griffith and Sigourney Weaver may have had them all destroyed – I would have) you’ll just have to trust me when I say they were both plentiful and ridiculous.

But like all ridiculous things in fashion, the Working Girl neck bow seems to have come back around. Like on this blouse or this one from my fave store. Or this one from Alice + Olivia. These are just not ‘working’ for me – get it? ‘Working’ for me? I love when I’m clever. 🙂

But I do think this blouse from Collective Concepts has potential:

Love the colors, love the print, love that the neck bow can be worn as more of a scarf. Plus I’m pretty sure it would look fab with this skirt that I already own:

I love a good patterned top/subtly striped bottom combo. They’re the best.

Harrison Ford we definitely love you, but Working Girl neck bows – do we love them?

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One response to “Working Girl neck bows – do we love them?

  • Clint

    I’ll tell you what I do love – that picture of Joan Cusack!

    On a lighter note, when I think of neck bows, I always think of the Carly Simon song “You’re so Vain.”

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