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Tory Burch Pom-Pom Resin Necklace – do we love it?

We all remember these pom-poms from high school:


But do you also remember these pom-poms from preschool and kindergarten?


I would wager a lot of money that each of you brought home some sort of craft project decorated with these that your mothers lovingly displayed on the refrigerator no matter how ugly it was.  God bless our Moms. And PTL* for stainless steel appliances that mean we will have a valid excuse not to stick such hideous creations on our own refrigerators some day.

*That’s “Praise the Lord” for those of you who are not Brown-Haired Shea and might not already know what that means.

Well Tory Burch apparently remembers them because she’s put them all over her 2013 Resort collection – including on this necklace:

Tory Burch Pom-Pom Resin Necklace – $695

That’s right kids – Tory is charging $700 for something that looks like you could have made it during kindergarten craft time. What’s so sad about this is that if you look past the pom-poms (which I admit is hard to do), this is a fabulous necklace. Here’s a closer, but sadly also tinier, look at it:

It would be SO amahzing sans poofballs, don’t you think?

If this were just a case of a random pom-pom necklace I stumbled across at the mall I wouldn’t be so concerned. Appalled and maybe a little horrified, but not concerned. But this is Tory Burch – women’s wear style taste-maker and trendsetter. Once she starts gluing a few pom-poms to necklaces someone else will add a few more and, if we don’t stop them, before you know it someone will be making a necklace comprised solely of pom-poms….


Oops. Too late.


This girl could have used our help – a crime of fashion

The date: Thursday, June 8, 2012

The place: Fan Fair, Nashville, TN (yes I know they call it the CMA Music Festival now, but when I moved here it was Fan Fair and so to me, Fan Fair it will always be)

The crime:

The description: This past weekend in Nashville was the annual CMA music festival (aka Fan Fair) – or as I like to call it, Hell on Earth. That’s because Fan Fair attracts the very worst of the worst of country music fans from all over the country to my sweet city. And those fans wander the downtown streets in a way that makes it very difficult not to run them down with my car on my way to and from work each day. Needless to say, I am glad Fan Fair is behind us for another year.

But with all of the bad Fan Fair brings, it also brings us good – in the form of heinous fashion atrocities. The one above arrived via e-mail from Brown-haired Shea along with this text:

“As seen at Fan Fair during the National Anthem… God bless America. And her heart.” 

Truer words have never been spoken.  In return, I expressed my concern for her lady parts as one could only imagine how much higher those shorts must have crept when she tried to sit down for the show.

The lesson: Don’t let the summer music festival season be an excuse to hang your heinie out all over town – you never know what kind of sweaty man-beast might have sat in your seat before you.