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Jumpsuits – do we love them?

I don’t. Love jumpsuits that is. But like all things in fashion, what once was old is new again. And if every magazine from Cosmo to InStyle is telling me jumpsuits are in for Spring, then I figured it was time to give them the old look-see.

Let’s start with the good. This first jumpsuit makes me think there might be hope for this trend:

Rebecca Taylor Jumpsuit – $325

But here is a practical and, frankly, kind-of gross question I have about jumpsuits: how do you use the bathroom in one? I mean, obviously I know you don’t use the bathroom IN one, but isn’t it kind of a pain to have to get in and out of that thing every time you have to go? Besides, how much cuter (and less inconvenient) would this look be as a cocktail dress or even a top and pair of trousers?

That being said, I do like the navy blue color, deep v-neck and accentuated waistline of this jumpsuit. I could definitely see potential for this one to work with some simple accessories and a chic ponytail.

This one is also kind of cute:

Bird by Juicy Couture  – $212

I love the idea of this one with a brown leather jacket. But from afar this looks like a dress. And if it’s going to look like a dress wouldn’t it just be simpler to make it a dress?

This one’s also not bad, although maybe it’s a tad romper room-ish for my taste:

Zero + Maria Cornejo Short Artem Jumpsuit – $395

And now here is where they start to get iffy:

3.1 Phillip Lim – $625

Dear Phillip Lim, You have essentially made a $625 pair of coveralls. I hope you’re proud of yourself. Love, Shea.

But that’s nothing compared to this one:

Henrik Vibskov Miriam Jumpsuit – $171

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! It’s okay to laugh. Because this is clearly a joke. Right? RIGHT?????

And oh dear Lord:

Arden B Zig Zag Tube Jumpsuit – $69

This might truly be, without exaggeration, the ugliest thing I have ever seen.

Oh God I was wrong:

Stella McCartney – $382


Sorry – I just blacked out and fell face down on the keyboard.

Let’s all take note that this jumpsuit – which is clearly just a pair of footie pajamas without the footies and with a gaping boob-hole – was once priced at $1,125. And that even on sale it is still almost $400. AND IT IS SOLD OUT. If there are women walking around America and the world wearing this thing, I think it might be time to move to the moon.


Citizens of Humanity floral Thompson pants – do we love them?

I remember the first time I broke the $100 barrier for a pair of jeans. Weirdly they were purchased at Arden B – now the shopping mecca for Jersey Shore-aspiring club girls everywhere –  back in 2004 when I first moved to Nashville. Even weirder is the fact that I still have and wear them. In hindsight $100 pro-rated over 7 years is a pretty good deal. But at the time, after many, many college years spent in $50 jeans from American Eagle, $100 was a pretty penny for a pair of basic blue jeans.

Since that time I’ve learned that there is no amount too great to pay for a pair of classic, well-fitting, blue jeans. Given that I usually have to go on an expedition of Indiana Jones-esque proportions  in order to find said pair of jeans, I don’t usually have a problem paying whatever the retailer is asking once I find them.

I do, however, have a problem paying significant money for trendy denim that will go out of style next season. With that in mind I present to you these couch pants:

Citizens of Humanity Thompson Pants – $185

Now I’m sure that Citizens of Humanity would prefer that I not refer to these as ‘couch pants’ but that’s what they are, right? Pants that look like they were made from your grandmother’s couch cushions?

Here’s the kicker – I kind of, maybe, might love them anyway. (Hangs head in shame) But imagine how feminine and fun they could look with a gauzy white top and pair of gold flat sandals this Spring. Before you think I’ve gone completely crazy, I would like to point out that I seriously HATE the neutral-colored option:

These are worse than couch cushions. These are your grandmother’s old bedspread. (And yes, somehow that’s worse in my brain.)  So you can sleep soundly tonight knowing I haven’t completely lost my mind.

I’m definitely not going to be spending almost $200 on floral denim – but I might keep an eye on them to go on sale. What do you think?

Things we love – polka dot dresses

Who among us did not long to be Julia Roberts* when we saw her in this dress in Pretty Woman:

image credit

*Let’s make sure everyone notices I said Julia Roberts, and NOT Vivian Ward, the prostitute she plays in the film. Although if I could wear fab clothes like hers and end up with a guy like Richard Gere, prostitution might not be so bad. (Just kidding Mom!!!)

Who would have thought a brown and white polka-dotted dress could be so effortlessly chic? Well polka-dotted dresses are back this year, and since ‘effortlessly chic’ is something to which I think I can safely assume we all aspire, I thought I’d share some of my faves.

The work appropriate polka dots:

Banana Republic – $130

The going out for drinks polka dots:

Tulle – $69

The designer shirtdress polka dots:

Tibi – $368

The wrap dress polka dots:

Moschino Cheap and Chic – $325

The non-traditional polka dots:

Myne – $260

And finally, the affordable all-purpose polka dots:

Mod Cloth – $40

I’ve already punched my ticket to board the polka dot train this Spring – who’s coming with me?

Leopard print tights – do we love them?

By now we all know that I love a good leopard print. I also love patterned tights. But do I love them together?

Fiercest Leopard Print Tights – $15

Initially I was thinking these might look kick-ass with a simple black sheath, some killer black pumps or ankle booties and lots of gold jewelry. Now I’m thinking they might make it look like your legs are molting.

Milly Imara Dress – can we love it for less?

I like this dress:

Milly Imara Dress – $390

I do not, however, like it’s price tag. Also, I HATE those shoes. They’re like formal Sperrys. And while I can appreciate a good boat shoe from time to time, no one should be sailing in a four inch heel.

Why do I like this dress, you ask? (well technically I asked myself, but you know what I mean) Because this dress is a good example of colorblocking done in the most body-flattering way possible. I.e. there is a color band placed at the natural waist emphasizing a woman’s narrowest part, as opposed to say, at her hips where no woman ever wants to look wider.

So I did some online shopping time wasting research and came up with two reasonably-priced (cheap even!) potential alternatives.

First up:

Tinley Road Sweetheart Dress – $49

I actually like the color combo on this dress better than the Milly version. But once again I HATE the shoes the stylist paired with this dress. Whoever thought it was a good idea to stick a pair of heavy, horse-hooved booties on this poor girl with that dress should be fired. What is it about colorblocked dresses that causes what I’m sure are normally sane stylists to completely lose their minds when it comes to footwear???

But back to the dress. This dress works on the same principle as the Milly one in that the placement of the colorblocking accentuates the natural waistline/narrowest part of the body. The bad news is the length on this one looks a little short and it would, therefore, probably have to be relegated to non-work-wear only. Given that it only costs $49, however, that’s probably okay.

My ‘research’ also helped me uncover this dress:

Mod Cloth Dressed to the Lines Dress – $58

Thank goodness this one doesn’t have any hideous footwear attached to it for me to rant about. And the dress itself is another great example of figure-flattering colorblocking. I can totally picture this dress with a black boyfriend blazer with tights and pumps for now and with a pair of wedges or leopard-print flats come Spring and Summer.

I definitely think I love the Milly dress best – and I don’t love it because it’s the most expensive, it’s the most expensive because I love it. But I think either of the two more affordable options would be a great addition to any wardrobe. What do you think?

Amanda Uprichard Petal Silk Skirt – do we love it?

Well kids, we have reached both the most dreaded and most dangerous time of the year for yours truly. Dreaded because we are in the dead period of Winter where everything is gray and gross and there are no fun holidays to break up said grossness. And dangerous because now is the time all of the retailers start sending out their “new Spring arrivals” announcements and my depression over the aforementioned grossness and longing for the new season causes me to spend uncontrollably.

Happens every year. I am powerless to stop it.

Today’s torture comes courtesy of Piperlime in the form of this skirt:

Amanda Uprichard Petal Silk Skirt – $194

I think this is so pretty. And Spring-y. And blue. But is it really or am I just desperate for something bright and cheerful in my wardrobe after a Winter filled with dark neutrals?

And how would I go about wearing such a blue skirt? Here’s what I’m thinking:

Blue tulip skirt

For dressing it up: I am LOVING this striped blazer. Loving. It. But it is admittedly a bold statement. So I would keep the rest of the look neutral with a simple white tank and neutral bag and sandals.* Why not black accessories you may be asking? Because I think they look too heavy with this skirt. And aren’t we all a little ready to move on from our black shoes and bags anyway?

*On an “only in my dreams’ side note – how fab are those Loubs and that bag??? The day that Christian Louboutin comes out with a line at Target like Missoni did is probably the day I will go to prison for stabbing someone at a Target who dared impede my path to the shoe section.

For dressing it down: Keep the white tank and use the stripe in the gorge bag as inspiration to add a yellow cardi. Simple neutral flats and delicate jewelry complete the look.

So what do we think? Is this skirt too blue? Is it just blue enough? Or am I too blue over the never-ending continuation of Winter to adequately judge the blue-ness of this skirt? Help me decide.


This lady could have used our help – a crime of fashion

The date: Sunday, January 8, 2012

The place: St. Charles Ave. trolley, New Orleans, LA

The crime:

The description: I can forgive a lot of fashion crimes in the name of college football fandom. (Roll Tide and congrats boys – you made us proud!!) But wearing three inch-heeled prom shoes at 11 a.m. on your way to spend the day in the French Quarter is not one of them. And as you can barely see at the top of the photo, she was wearing them with denim capri pants.

I wish I could have gotten you a pic of this lady’s entire ensemble, but the number of people crammed onto that trolley barely allowed me to breathe, much less position my arms in such a way as to take a covert photograph. So instead, I will list for you the other things this fan had on her person:

– the aforementioned denim capri pants

– an Alabama t-shirt

– giant houndstooth hoop earrings

– a houndstooth jacket slung over her arm

– a houndstooth purse with an embroidered red ‘A’ and red feathers sticking out of the top

All of the above was tacky, yet not unexpected. But for the life of me I could not figure out why she would be wearing those shoes to walk around on what have to literally be the worst streets in America.  In fact, after I showed this pic to the husband of the couple I was there with, he turned to his wife and said “I would kill you if you ever wore shoes like that to walk around New Orleans.” Because he knew, as well as I did, that within about thirty minutes of getting off that trolley that woman would seriously be regretting her footwear decision and her husband would be the one who would pay the price.

The lesson: Was this particular pair of shoes the worst thing I saw (sartorially or otherwise) in New Orleans last weekend? No. But was it the most ridiculous? By far. (And that’s saying a LOT for a city full of drunken LSU fans.)

So remember kids, friends don’t let friends wear prom shoes to walk the French Quarter.