This girl could have used our help – a crime of fashion

The date: December 31, 2012

The place: Red Door East, Nashville, TN

The crime:


The description: Hello kids and welcome to 2013!! I hope everyone’s new years are off to a fabulously-fashionable start!!*

*If we could all get in our imaginary time machines and pretend this post isn’t coming 22 days into the new year that would be great, kthanks.

Now I usually HATE New Year’s Eve. It’s one of those holidays that – like Halloween- never quite lives up to the hype. But I am happy to report that this year’s version turned out to be a pretty kick-ass celebration thanks to good friends, good times, and this woman’s amazing pants. Now despite the fact that this woman is literally wearing a sparkly muu-muu with a pair of animal-print pants, you might be surprised to learn that she was NOT over the age of 55. In fact, I would venture to guess she probably wasn’t even over the age of 35. And yet, while the rest of us ladies chose to break out our best sequins and lace…

Please excuse my posture – I promise I have not suddenly developed a hunchback. It’s just that Miss Megan to my right is teeny and I was trying not to look like a hulking giant next to her.  Pretty sure giant would have been better.

… our dear friend above chose to break out her best ensemble from the Blanche Devereaux collection. Weird. I will never understand East Nashville.

The lesson: Save your sparkly muu-muus and animal print pants for the retirement village and rock your tight minis and high heels while you can. The tiger stripes will still be there in 50 years. Promise.

Faux fur vests – do we love them?

Merry almost Christmas kids!!! Hope all of your trees are trimmed, all of your gifts are wrapped and all of your halls are decked. Because if not, it’s probably not gonna happen.

I, myself, was a responsible fashionista and got all of my Christmas shopping done well in advance this year – so when I made a trip to the mall on Saturday, December 22,  it was for the sheer joy of gloating at all of those poor, poor souls who were not as smart as I. And because I wasn’t busy shopping for others, I had plenty of time to check out things for my own closet.

photo-1Also – this may have happened.

And one of the things I checked out for my own closet was one of the many faux fur vests that have been crowding the racks for the past few seasons. Now, in theory, I love a faux fur vest. I mean, it’s the signature look of my stylist icon:

image credit

But much like the long-loved, yet never-worn fedora, no matter how hard I try, I cannot have any reaction to the faux fur vest on my own self other than this one:


I mean, what kind of animal is that supposed to be??? And how do I make it look like anything other than a bathmat over my outfit??

Yes – I realize that these vests are kind of ridiculous. But in theory, I cannot quit them no matter how hard I try. I see something like this in a store and I think that against all odds I can somehow make it work:

Aqua Faux Fur Reversible Vest at Bloomingdales – $89

But when I put one on I feel like a lost eskimo.

So because it’s Christmas*, I’m giving you a chance to weigh in. What do you think?

*Also because it’s the whole purpose of this blog. But throwing Christmas in the mix makes it feel extra festive, don’t you think??

Pim + Larkin Metallic Brocade Jacket – do we love it?

I have a confession to make. And this might shock some of you so prepare yourselves….

I do not always put a lot of time and effort into my outfits.

There, I said it. And today, this Thanksgiving Eve as I sit at my desk doing anything other than work, is one of those days. As proof, I offer this e-mail I sent to BrHS this morning:

“Speaking of wardrobe, you would be appalled by what I’m wearing today. Black leggings, button-up plaid shirt (untucked), wet hair in a braid (since I’m going to yoga anyway) and minimal make-up. AND b/c it’s sub-arctic in my office I’ve kept my black fleece jacket on the whole time I’ve been here anyway so all of that other stuff doesn’t matter. Then I felt extra-bad b/c when I was walking in, (name of co-worker who prob doesn’t want to be mentioned on my blog redacted) was heading out to do a court approval in a full suit. I should prob be ashamed – but I’m not.”

I don’t offer any photographic evidence because well, frankly, I look gross – gross enough that some of you might not come back and take fashion advice from me if you saw what I look like today.

But, rest-assured, I plan to get back to looking cute and stylish in the very near future. And one of the ways I plan to do that is by taking advantage of all of the stellar Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that are coming our way. Here’s a jacket a came across while doing a little pre-sale window-shopping on Piperlime the other day:

Pim + Larkin Brocade Jacket – $79

Snakeskin is quickly becoming the leopard print of the Winter 2012 season for me.* It’s neutral enough to be mixed and matched with a variety of colors and pieces, but fun enough to add a little punch to an otherwise simple ensemble.

*This should in no way be construed to mean that leopard print is not still the pattern that stirs me to my very soul. Just that now snakeskin is also a once tacky and taboo animal print that is starting to work it’s way into my fashion heart.

Now I’m loving this chic little jacket worn just as it’s shown above – with a simple black tank and jeans maybe for date night with your boyfriend/hubs. But I’m also picturing it paired with a fun little black cocktail dress for an office holiday party, or with black leggings, knee-high boots, and a flow-y silk top in a jewel tone for girls’ night out or New Year’s Eve. It seems like such a fun, inexpensive way to punch up your winter wardrobe.

But am I crazy? Is this really cute or does it look like something a 47 year-old divorcee would wear to the Jersey Shore? Has my love of animal prints finally made me blind to the fact that this jacket might veer dangerously close to cougar-ville?

What do you think?

J Crew Schoolboy Blazer in Wool Flannel – things I’m loving for Fall/Winter

I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but it’s COLD y’all. Like, Winter cold. Sure do hope you enjoyed all two days of autumnal weather we had this year because Winter has officially arrived with a vengeance. Given that it looks like we’re facing highs in the mid-50’s from here on out, I decided this past weekend was as good as any to put my Spring and Summer clothes back into storage (i.e. hang them in the guest closets) and move my Fall/Winter wardrobe back to front and center. And as I did so I noticed that – like a lot of you, I’m sure – I own a LOT of dark and not very vibrant Fall and Winter items. A LOT.

So I set out to remedy that – starting with this:

The What:  J Crew Schoolboy Blazer in Wool Flannel

The Price: $91 marked down from $198

And here is where I brag on the AMAHZING deal I got on this adorable blazer. I originally ordered this blazer on sale for $178. Shortly after it arrived I noticed it had been marked down to $130 online. So I took it to J Crew for a price adjustment, which they happily gave me (even though it was outside of the normal price adjustment period – THANKS J CREW!!) – AND they gave me the 30% off sale merch promotion that was currently going on. So my $178 purchase ended up costing me less than $100!!! YAY ME!!!

The Why: Well first of all, there’s the aforementioned drabness of most of my current Winter pieces. This blazer seemed like a perfect way to pep them up without spending a ton of money. And I already knew I liked the cut and fit of this blazer because I bought it in a light gray last year. Throw in the fact that I had a linen blazer in a similar bright blue that I wore the beejesus out of this Spring and Summer and you have a recipe for a purchase I won’t regret.

Here’s are a few ways I am already envisioning working this stunner into my wardrobe rotation:

J Crew Schoolboy Blazer for Work

The How: First up, the obligatory lawyer look. But because I still hate suits, I’m making up my own. A gray tweed skirt reads as classic, not dowdy, when paired with a floral print blouse in similar tones and topped with the vibrant blue blazer. Capped-toe pumps are huge this year and I’m loving this versatile bone and black pair. I kept the jewelry simple so as not to compete with the color, texture and pattern that’s already in the look. And finally, a classic, grown-up work bag.*

*And now here’s where I confess my mother had to literally shame me in public to get me to finally make a big-girl bag purchase. Because I couldn’t find it online and I’m sure you’re just dying to know what it looks like, here’s a pic I took when it arrived:

Super-cool Instagram filter making it look red – in real life it’s closer to the color of the bag in the set above. More money than I’ve ever spent on a bag, ever, but it’s gorge, and I love it, and I’m no longer bringing shame to my family. As always, mother knows best.

Next up,

J Crew Schoolboy Blazer Fridays

The How: Maybe you don’t need a pseudo-suit for work. Maybe you need something that’s office appropriate, but can transition to a fun night out on the town. For a non-court workday to be followed by a night out with the girls, I would pair this blazer with skinny black pants or leggings, add a black and white patterned top, throw on a pair of killer black ankle booties and add one last pop of color with a fun clutch that you could use as a wallet in your big-girl work bag during the day. Instant chicness guaranteed.

And finally,

J Crew Schoolboy Blazer for Weekend

The How: But maybe you don’t need a work look at all. Maybe you need something to wear to a friend’s baby shower, or to have lunch with your boyfriend’s parents/your in-laws when they’re in town. In that case, pair this awesome blazer with a classic pair of dark-rinse, boot-cut jeans (with absolutely NO obnoxious stitching and/or rhinestones on the back pockets – NONE), add a lacy t-shirt, a fun scarf and a pair of sparkly gold flats (those are for you, H!!) and voila! So cute, so put together, SO EASY.

I was excited about my blue blazer before, but now I’m SUPER-PSYCHED to start wearing it ASAP. Even if it does mean coming to terms with turning on the heat at home and breaking out my Uggs. But what do you think about adding a brightly-colored blazer to your Fall/Winter 2012 wardrobe??

This girl could have used our help – a crime of fashion

The date: October 10, 2012

The place: The annual Nashville Scene ‘Best of Nashville’ party

The crime:

The description: Howdy, kids! Thanks for coming back despite my woeful neglect of this blog. But as you can see above, I brought you a gift to make up for my absence in the form of this gem spotted at the Nashville Scene’s ‘Best of Nashville’ party.

Now lest you think this girl was wearing this outfit as some sort of costume because it was a “Nashville” party, I will tell you the theme for this party was actually The Roaring 20’s. But for those who chose not to don their best flapper gear, snappy cazsh was the order of the evening as evidenced by my own really small gang pictured at the same event:

World’s Greatest Sister Wives, from L to R: H, Me, BrHS, B

No, instead of dressing to fit the theme or just dressing to meet the general, socially-accepted standards of appropriate attire, our patriotic friend above chose to wear the very worst in East Nashville hipster chic: ironic thrift store jean jacket, too-tight cut-off denim shorts and tights underneath said shorts. And yes, those tights have a hole in them right beneath her butt cheek. Knowing East Nashville hipsters, this was probably not an accident.*

*Also, it’s hard to see in the blurry iphone (thanks again Apple) pic above, but she was wearing a banana clip in her hair. A banana clip of the giant, 1980’s variety – you know the ones I’m talking about. She might as well have been wearing a scrunchie.  Shudder.

The lesson: Let us not waste time wondering why this party attendee chose to thumb her nose at the rest of us by looking like a crazed fashion refugee from 1983. Let us instead learn from her by all solemnly vowing not to repeat her mistakes at our next social event. Or anywhere, ever.

Elizabeth and James Yumi Top – can we love it for less?

Despite all of my best efforts to make Summer last forever, this week it looks like Fall is on its way.* So I guess it’s time for me to start confronting the realities of the changing season by consoling myself, like I always do, with wardrobe purchases.

*Although it is admittedly hard (hard, but not impossible) to complain when the weather is a perfect 85 degrees and sunny with a breeze everyday.

One thing I’ve been trying to purchase for a while now is a peplum top. What’s a peplum top? This is a peplum top:

image credit

And this one is looking pretty fierce paired with printed pants and purple pumps.

Sadly, much like my efforts to stall the coming of Fall, my efforts to add a peplum top to my wardrobe have so far gone unrewarded. That’s because finding the right peplum top is quite the challenge. If the peplum starts too high it makes you look preggers. If the peplum starts too low it makes you look hippy. Ideally the peplum would start right below your ribcage, emphasizing the narrowest part of your waist. For whatever reason that has been incredibly difficult for me to find – but I am undeterred!

Today I fell in love with the gorgeous detailing on this peplum top from Elizabeth and James:

Elizabeth and James Yumi Top – $365

The embroidery makes it look like leather without all of the sweating and chafing that comes with actual leather and I am dying over the asymmetrical hemline of the peplum. Now the price… the price I could do without.

So I did what I always do when I come across something I love, but can’t afford – I set off across the internet in search of a suitable substitute at a reasonable price. Join me in evaluating my finds, won’t you?

Tinley Road Vegan Leather Peplum Top – $98

Let me start by saying that there is no such thing as “vegan leather.” It’s not anything leather if there are no cows involved. Vegan leather is a fancy way of saying “plastic.” And therein lies my problem with this top. Otherwise I really like the notched collar and center seaming detail on this one.

Topshop Flower Embroidered Peplum Top - $76

This one is a fairly good overall replica of the Yumi top. My concerns = the floral motif (because I am not a 13 year-old girl) and the low level and full volume of the peplum (because I do not want to look like I put a tutu over a tank top). But still, this one’s a serviceable option.

Express Peplum Shell Top – $40

This is our least-expensive option so far and one that’s basically one-tenth the price of the Elizabeth and James top. I call that a good deal. And I do like the cut-in shoulders. But while I complained about the tutu-like nature of the peplum above, I’m afraid this one swings too far in the other direction and will end up just looking like a stretched out yoga tank.

ASOS Top with Extreme Peplum – $35

Hey look! This one’s even cheaper than the last. And I definitely like the open, scooped neckline of this top. (I take issue, however, with them calling this top “extreme” as though it will be jumping out of a helicopter and snowboarding down a mountain while on fire at some point during the day.) What I miss, however, is the fun embroidery of the original E and J top.

And so, along those lines, I present our final top that I think combines the best of all of the above:

INC International Concepts Sleeveless Lace Peplum Blouse – $44

Let’s check off the boxes, shall we? Cheap? Check. Scoop neck? Check. Lace? Check. Peplum appropriate in both location and volume? Check. Not made out of plastic? Check.

I think we have a winner kids! This top looks adorable with a brightly-colored pencil skirt as shown above. I also envision it looking totally a-mah-zing over a pair of BCBG leather and knit leggings I bought last winter with some knee-high boots and a cozy sweater layered over top. But what do you think??

Lulu Lemon Hot Spell One Piece – do we love it?

It’s Friday kids! Hoo-freakin’-ray!! I’m so happy it’s almost hard to be judgmental – I said almost.

But before we get to the judging, I ask that you indulge me for a few paragraphs while I wax rhapsodic about yoga. Specifically hot yoga. I know I’ve mentioned my love of yoga before, but that was in the early days of both this blog and my yoga practice, so I thought it was time to revisit that love.

Simply put, yoga has changed. my. life. How? Well first of all, it’s helped me lose weight. And more than that it’s helped me get and feel healthy from my head to my toes. But second of all, and more importantly, yoga has connected me with an inspiring community of fellow yogis helping me to form some amazing friendships with people I would never have met without it. There is almost nothing better than the feeling of moving and breathing as a class  – when you can feel the energy from those practicing around you pushing you to do more and be better.*

*And yes, I realize how cheesy and new age-y that sounds, but it’s true. And I don’t care what you think anyway because I’m so very enlightened from all of the yoga. So there. 

And if you are lucky enough to live in Nashville you are lucky enough to live near Hot Yoga Plus. Each and every person at that studio – from the awesome instructors to my phenomenal fellow practitioners –  has helped me to be not only a better yogi, but a better person. So if you are one of those lucky folks, get thee to Hot Yoga Plus ASAP. You might struggle through some of the postures, you will definitely sweat through all of the classes, but you will never, ever regret it.


Back to the judging – which is ironic because one of my favorite things about practicing yoga is the lack of judgment you feel from the other yogis while you practice. This is in stark contrast to say, the YMCA or any other gym I’ve ever been to where I always felt like someone was watching/judging me at all times. But if someone showed up to the yoga studio in this, I’m not going to lie, there would be LOTS of judging:

Lulu Lemon Hot Spell One Piece – $88

Yoga, as I’m sure you’re aware, involves a whole lot of bending and stretching. And when you bend and stretch, a lot of things move around. Like, for example, your boobs. And the bottom of your shorts. In this thing, there’s not much room for error in either of those areas. So let’s take a look at this one piece in action:

image credit

Let me be clear – I cannot do this. But if I could do this, I would not want to do it in this outfit. And I’m pretty sure the person on the mat behind me wouldn’t want me to do it either (unless that person is a disgusting pervert). I generally practice in some sort of tank top and capris or leggings. But if your practice is so inhibited by that amount of cloth on your person, you can wear a sports bra and shorts. That is completely respectable (provided you do not spill out of that bra and shorts like the Michelin Man). There is no reason to dress like a hoochie.**

**Aside: I love Lulu Lemon. I own a great many of their products and have been very satisfied with all of them. So Lulu, if you’re reading this, please do not be mad at me. I just hate this one thing you made and I hate it a lot. Perhaps my hate could be lessened and/or eliminated with some free merch.***

***But no pressure.

So far an informal polling of my fellow female yogis has resulted in a unanimous thumbs down to this latest Lulu creation. But what do you think??


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